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I'm Mariah and I love all things home! 

My passion is decorating and redecorating, especially for holidays. DIY projects are my jam and I can usually be found in a thrift shop hunting for treasures.

I've been called the Queen of Cozy before and I gladly accept the title! I love making every inch of my home warm and inviting and I love using old, vintage junk to do it.

As for my home style, my husband calls it "attic chic". Like if you stumbled into the attic of an old home, this is what you would find, it's just been styled. On the other hand, my husband has also referred to my style as "bunch of junk" so who's to say really?

Worcester Run is named after the street I grew up on. No matter what, my childhood home always had good food and beautiful decor which, to me,  filled the space with light, warmth, and comfort. My goal is to create that bright, serene, cozy environment in every space and to show others how to invoke those feelings in their own homes as well through design.     

If you love vintage finds, DIY's, and all things cozy, you've come to the right place! 

Welcome to Worcester Run! 

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