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10 Interior Design Trend Predictions For 2023

One of my most popular articles last year was my 2022 Design Trend Predictions. I personally love to read through trend predictions. Not so much to direct my style, but out of both curiosity and judgement. I also like checking back on those predictions later and seeing how many panned out (which I did with my own last month if you missed it).

Here we are at the start of a new year, which means a whole new set of predictions! Some are based on observations of growing trends, some are directions I want to take my own design style in, and some are most likely just wishful thinking.

Let me know your thoughts once you've finished the list and come back in December to see how right or horribly wrong I was!

Bold and Moody Colors

We saw this a lot over the past year and I think more and more people are getting comfortable with dramatic paint choices and color schemes.


This style isn't anything new, quite the opposite, but I think it's only going to continue to rise in popularity over the next year. For both "light" and "dark" versions of this look, fill your home with books, rich woods, antiques, and various textures like leather, tweed, and flannel.

Grandpa's Cabin

The "coastal grandmother" look was a favorite aesthetic in 2022 in home, fashion, and food. But 2023 has just the thing for those of us who prefer the cozy mountains to a breezy beach: the Grandpa's Cabin style. Lots of woods, plaids, rich color schemes, and tons of antiques. Keep an eye out for vintage sports equipment, cozy plaid fabrics, and statement armchairs when shopping for this look.

I'm excited and hopeful for this trend to catch on. I think my personal style often falls in the "grandpa" category.


Plaid patterns fit into several of the decor styles I've mentioned so it's no surprise we may see a lot more plaid options in stores soon. Try varying your plaids or mixing them with color coordinating florals for a cozy, eclectic look.

Modern Victorian

One style I'd love to see grow is Modern Victorian. With the rise in popularity of vintage furniture and decor, I don't think it's far off. Grand architectural details and ornate antiques mixed with modern elements and colors.

Botanical/Apothecary Details

One element I plan to bring into my own decor this coming year are vintage botanical and apothecary details. Things like antique cabinets with lots of drawers and cubbies, jars and cloches, botanical and entomological illustrations and specimens. I think these details easily fit into a Modern Victorian home and instantly bring a "cool factor" to any space.


I know I probably sound biased. The thrifty girl says thrifting is cool. But there's no denying that thrifting has become more and more popular in recent years. It's fun, it's more sustainable and eco-conscious, and it's way more budget-friendly than shopping at big box stores. It's a great way to curate a home that's unique to you!

Subtle Art Deco Touches

One of my personal favorite design styles is Art Deco. I don't use it a lot in my own home, but love to admire it. I think we've already started to see Art Deco making its way back into the mainstream via home goods like glassware, light fixtures, mirrors, and more. I think we'll see this style extend into more prominent places in the home soon like rugs and bedding, tile and wallpaper as time goes on.

Warm Neutrals

The neutrals we use are warming up from stark whites and grays to creams and beiges. I don't think it's a coincidence that we're also incorporating more natural elements and materials in our homes since warmer tones are more commonly found in nature.

Updated Shabby Chic

I'm re-predicting the comeback of Shabby Chic that I made last year. We're not far off from the popular 2000's style with Coastal Grandmother, Cottage-core, and Grandmillennial. Shabby Chic is such a cozy and welcoming style as is, but I'd love to see a modernized take on it or maybe some masculine elements added in.


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