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10 Thoughtful Host Gifts

The key to the perfect host gift is to keep it small, but thoughtful. You don't want anything too showy or anything that adds pressure to your host, just a little something to show your appreciation for their hospitality.

Here are 10 ideas for simple, thoughtful host gifts to give this holiday season.

1. If you have several holiday gatherings and want to simplify your list of host gifts, make a batch of something festive or special. It's a great way to cut costs, keep it personal, and check everyone off your list at once.

Here's a few examples: Christmas bark, chocolate dipped pretzels, a jar of garlic butter, stove top potpourri.

Make sure your presentation is nice and check Pinterest for "hostess gifts" and "neighbor gifts" if you need more ideas.

2. I like the idea of giving the host something they have the option, but no obligation to serve at the party. A little basket filled with olive oil, a nice loaf of bread, and a dipping spice mix can be opened immediately and shared or saved for later if it doesn't go with the other food they've prepared.

3. You can't go wrong with specialty coffee grounds or you can go the more seasonal route with a cocoa mix. Throw in a cute mug or two and you're set!

4. Here's a fun one. Maple or berry syrup and a pancake or waffle mix. Bonus points if the mix is something seasonal like pumpkin spice or gingerbread.

5. If you want something a little more unique that most likely wont be gifted by another guest, you can opt for a pretty set of coasters.

6. Another gift with the option to incorporate it in the party: a cheese board with a small assortment of cheeses, crackers, and a jar of preserves or jam.

7. If you know your host entertains often or enjoys cooking or baking, gift a beautiful recipe box or book for them to store their favorites in.

I would hesitate to gift someone a cookbook unless I really knew them well out of fear it would be interpreted as a backhanded comment about their cooking.

I highly recommend this one.

8. Get something the whole party can enjoy! If it's appropriate for the type of gathering you're attending, gift a favorite board game or party game that everyone can play.

9. A solid option is always a seasonal candle, but if you want to step it up a notch, include a candle care kit or a beautiful candle snuffer.

10. When in doubt, go with flowers. But be sure to present them already arranged so you aren't giving your host one more thing to add to their to do list. The thrift shop is a perfect place to find a deal on a beautiful crystal or vintage vase.


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