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12 Heartfelt Gifts of Christmas

This is the first holiday season in years that I’m not working because I'm home with my little guy. It's been nice to be able to focus on making the holidays magical for him, but I'm usually working in a little shop or store around the holidays and I LOVE(D) it! Retail isn't for everyone, but I love the excitement and business and energy of the holidays and I genuinely enjoy helping people find the perfect gift to give to their loved ones.

Since I don't get to spend my days doing that this year, I thought I could at least help YOU find the perfect gift! I’ve made a list of twelve heartfelt gifts to help you find some really special Christmas presents this year. I know finding a truly meaningful present can be difficult sometimes, but I'm confident you'll find something on this list that will be just the thing to show your loved one how much you care about and appreciate them this holiday season.

1. A Unique Baby Quilt

Let's start with this gorgeous forest-inspired crib quilt. I love that it's not too cutesy and I feel like it's neutral enough to work for a boy or a girl's room. A beautiful gift for new parents or you can select a larger size for an older child. This gift can even be personalized with a name or special phrase!

2. PAW-fect Friendship Bracelet

This next gift idea is for the pet-lover in your life. Who wouldn't want a friendship collar/bracelet to match with their best friend?? There are so many styles to choose from and there are options for dogs, cats, AND horses so you're pretty much covered unless you're buying for someone who loves fish or something!

3. A Sassy Welcome Mat

These doormats are sure to get a chuckle out of your homebody friend! There's a huge selection of cute and funny mats perfect for anyone who loves their home. The hardest part about this gift will be choosing only one!

4. A Christmas Memory Book

This is something I gifted my own family this year. It's a Christmas Memory book with space for 10 years worth of holiday magic and memories. The book itself is gorgeous and so thoughtfully laid out that it's a breeze to fill in and put together! It's something that will be cherished for years and years and is perfect for any family!

**Side note: If you're shopping for new parents, newlyweds, or the newly engaged, this author has two other memory books that make great gifts as well. One is a baby book and one is a relationship/love story memory book. I have all three and highly recommend them all!

5. An Elegant Necklace

Jewelry is always a popular gift around the holidays, but it can also be a tricky one to navigate if you're unsure about someone's style. This line of jewelry is simple, elegant, and all handmade in the U.S. and it's high quality so it'll last a long time and still look beautiful. They have a wide selection of encouraging, fun, and heartfelt words to pick from and they also do custom orders if you have a phrase or word that is particularly meaningful. I have gifted this jewelry in the past and have one of their coordinate necklaces myself and I love it!

(I'm going to link you to the necklace below, but take a look around their site because they have SO many great phrases and designs to pick from!)

6. A Family Watercolor Portrait

Another great gift idea from the heart is an illustrated family portrait. This is a fun, creative gift that will be deeply treasured. There are many artists and styles to pick from, but I'm going to link you to an artist who has done family portraits for me in the past. Her work is amazing and would make for such a precious gift! A great part about this gift is that you receive your portrait digitally so you can use and reuse it however you like! Have it printed on a canvas, a mug, a t-shirt, the possibilities are endless and you can really get creative with it! Gift this to someone in your own family or have one done for a family you’re close to!

7. The 25 Days of Christmas Family Devotional

If you're looking for a gift that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas, this Christmas devotional is just the thing! This book is perfect for the whole family and will count you down to Christmas with different stories and inspiring scriptures to reflect on each day through December.

8. Some Norman Love Confections

You can't go wrong with gifting sweets around the holidays! After all, Christmas calories don't count right?? Well these chocolates are THE. BEST. They're made in my hometown and never disappoint. Each chocolate is a work of art and I've yet to try one that isn't absolutely delicious! You can choose from one of their holiday boxes or take a look at their other goodies!

9. A Festive Christmas Sign

Ebenezer Market is my favorite shop for farmhouse-style signs. I got a lot of compliments on my Halloween sign from them earlier this year and if you liked that one, you'll LOVE their Christmas collection! So much heart goes into these signs and they are quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

**Sidenote: Because I've partnered with them before, I've got a coupon code for you guys! You can use the code "Mariah10" when you check out to save 10%!

10. A Cozy Plaid Shawl

It can be hard to gift clothes around the holidays when trying to guess someone's style and size. But a great present for that always fashionable person on your list is a pretty shawl. They're almost all one size, come in an array of fun patterns and colors, and many can double as a scarf! Sticking with a neutral like this black and white plaid will guarantee your loved one will appreciate and get a lot of use out of this gift for many winters to come!

11. A Digital Photo Frame

Not everyone can be together during the holidays. If you're far from your loved ones, stay in touch with a wifi-connected digital photo frame! The best part about this frame? You can email photos directly to it! What better way to update the grandparents on your little one or share the holiday festivities with those far away, but close to your heart?

12. A Sentimental Cutting Board

One of the biggest components of the holiday season is food. This is the time of year when we bring out all the recipes that have been passed down through the generations and share them with those we love. Why not immortalize a truly special recipe on a cutting board? It can be displayed through the holiday season and even used to make the recipe! Gift this to a member of the family who loves to be in the kitchen at Christmas time or share it with a new member of the family to welcome them to the family and to your traditions. I love that these cutting boards recreate the handwriting of the original recipe. It's so great to be able to preserve that piece of history!

I hope this list has given you some ideas about what to get those extra special people on your list. I love gift giving and I LOVE getting to be a part of helping someone discover the absolute perfect gift for their loved one that will pull on their heartstrings or make them feel super loved and will be something they will cherish for years.

Happy Holidays and happy gifting!


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