12 Heartfelt Gifts of Christmas

This is the first holiday season in years that I’m not working because I'm home with my little guy. It's been nice to be able to focus on making the holidays magical for him, but I'm usually working in a little shop or store around the holidays and I LOVE(D) it! Retail isn't for everyone, but I love the excitement and business and energy of the holidays and I genuinely enjoy helping people find the perfect gift to give to their loved ones.

Since I don't get to spend my days doing that this year, I thought I could at least help YOU find the perfect gift! I’ve made a list of twelve heartfelt gifts to help you find some really special Christmas presents this year. I know finding a truly meaningful present can be difficult sometimes, but I'm confident you'll find something on this list that will be just the thing to show your loved one how much you care about and appreciate them this holiday season.

1. A Unique Baby Quilt

Let's start with this gorgeous forest-inspired crib quilt. I love that it's not too cutesy and I feel like it's neutral enough to work for a boy or a girl's room. A beautiful gift for new parents or you can select a larger size for an older child. This gift can even be personalized with a name or special phrase!

Baby Quilt

2. PAW-fect Friendship Bracelet

This next gift idea is for the pet-lover in your life. Who wouldn't want a friendship collar/bracelet to match with their best friend?? There are so many styles to choose from and there are options for dogs, cats, AND horses so you're pretty much covered unless you're buying for someone who loves fish or something!

Matching Collar Bracelet