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5 Things You'll Want In Your Closet In 2023

I think it's so fun to predict what styles we can expect to see in design and fashion when a new year starts. You should always wear what you love and feel good in regardless of trends, but let's take a moment to speculate a little about what styles 2023 might bring our way!

Sheer & Mesh Layers

We can always count on that 20 year trend cycle. Sheer and mesh details were big in the 90's and early 00's and it looks like they're back again! For this revisiting trend, think "edgy prep" when styling this look. It doesn't have to be a revealing style, you can add these layers under tops and dresses or it can be as simple as wearing tights.

Here's a few options for adding this look to your closet:


Be it Western, glam, or somewhere in between, fringe is such a fun detail and we're starting to see more and more of it. The best part about this one is it's a classic so it might come and go in popularity, but will never be fully out of style.

Here are some fun fringe looks:


I absolutely love preppy styles and I'm happy to see them returning. One great thing about the preppy look is that it relies on a lot of basic and versatile pieces layered with accessories.

Here are a few pieces and patterns essential to a preppy wardrobe:

Subtle Victorian and Gothic Nods

This one might be more of a micro-trend, but I'm hoping to see it stay. I think it incorporates a few other predicted trends like sheer details and lace and also shares a theme with a design trend I'm predicting: academia. I do think this trend will be subtle and worn in ways like moody color schemes, unique collars, lace, ruffles, and accentuated sleeves/shoulders.

Here's some modernized examples:


Another classic that never really fell out of fashion, but we'll probably see more of in the coming year. There are a lot of ways, bold and subtle, to wear leather. In fact, I wrote a whole article about it that you can find here.

It's a great way to add texture and a little edge to your wardrobe.

Here are a few leather details I love:

Classically Feminine Touches

Coinciding with the Shabby Chic interior design trend I'm predicting, I think we'll see a lot of traditionally feminine details in fashion as well. Lace, ruffles, bows, florals, and a lighter color scheme. Very reminiscent of styles we saw in the early to mid 2000's continuing with that 20 year trend cycle.

Here's some updated ways to wear this style:

What do you think of these predictions? Any you'd wear or are looking forward to? Any you're going to avoid? Let me know!


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