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5 Tips for Thrifting Fashion

There are so many amazing clothes to be found at thrift stores and even more not so amazing clothes you'll need to dig through to get to them. Here are some of my best tips for sifting through the mass-produced and mundane to get to those one-of-a-kind, vintage, designer, or just higher quality finds.

Know Your Stuff

The more familiar you are with brands, the better you'll be at spotting the good stuff. If you aren't sure where to start, do a quick google search when you're thrifting and come across an unfamiliar label or pay attention to what labels stores you like carry when you're shopping there. You'll become more knowledgeable over time and be able to identify those more desirable brands.

Stick to Colors You Love

Thrifting for clothes can easily become overwhelming because there's SO much to look through! My Goodwills sort clothing by color so I try to save myself some time and energy by only looking at colors I wear often and feel most comfortable in. If you rarely wear red, don't waste your time flipping through a rack of red tops.

Shop By Feel

An easy way to weed out lower quality items and find great pieces quickly is to shop by feel. High-end fashion will usually have a much different feel from everything else. Search for materials that are extra soft or extremely textured, very heavy or very light, pay attention to anything that feels different and stands out from all the rayon and polyester.

Make a Pinterest Board

Take some time to browse Pinterest for outfit ideas and goal pieces. It'll give you an idea of what to look for when shopping and can help you curate a cohesive personal style.

You can see how I recreate Pinterest looks I love here.

Look at All Sizes

Glance around different size sections. Vintage and European clothing will be labeled differently, things might get put back in the wrong place, and I've found many a shrunken cashmere sweater that ended up being the perfect size for me. You just never know.

I wish you all the luck in your thrifting endeavors!


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