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6 Tips for Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are always a fun way to display personal pieces and make a big statement in a space. There are so many different types of gallery walls and today I'll take you through a few of my tips for building a gallery wall with a collected, yet curated style.

1. Coordinate frame style or color

The easiest way to make a gallery wall feel cohesive is to choose frames that work well together. Whether you go with a modern or ornate style, gold or wood material, your frames should look like they belong together.

2. Choose a theme

This can be interpreted very loosely. Maybe all your artwork is of landscapes or in an impressionist style. Maybe everything is black and white or incorporates some shade of blue somewhere. All family photos, botanicals, etc. Your pieces should have something in common, but it doesn't have to be anything super obvious.

3. Thrift for a unique look

Thrifting for frames and art is a great way to curate a collected look and find high quality frames and original art for an extremely low cost. Plus it's fun!

4. Vary size and shape

Mix big and small, rectangular and circular, and don't be afraid to include elements in your gallery wall that aren't framed pictures.

5. Start with a main piece

That big, blank wall you start with can be intimidating. Begin with a main piece you want to prominently feature or with your largest piece and work off of that.

6. Play around with placement

Plan out your frame placement on the floor before you hang things, but know that it's ok to change your mind later or decide you need to rearrange and rework if you find more pieces to add later.


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