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6 Ways to Use Old Christmas Lights

I had a ton of old, glass Christmas lights sitting in a box and wanted to find something to do with them rather than just throwing them away. They still worked, but because of their age, I didn't want to risk a fire by using them. It took some thinking, but I came up with six ways to reuse my lights and wanted to share in case you have some old lights lying around too.

01 Vase or Bowl Filler

This one is simple. I filled a vintage bowl with some of my lights and had a pretty addition to my coffee table! You could do this with a vase or other dish for a centerpiece on your table or as a way to add some festive details to a shelf.

02 Garland

All I needed to turn these lights into garland was a little hot glue and some twine. I think this would look so cute layered on a mantel, but I don't have a fireplace so I strung mine up on a little Christmas tree in my kitchen instead. Colorful lights would be great for this too and would probably show up more on a tree.

03 Photography Props

This one is for the photographers and content creators. Vintage lights can be used as quick, festive props in flatlays or product photography. Just sprinkle a few here and there and your pictures are instantly merrier!

I've only gotten around to making the first half of this list, but here are a couple more ideas I came up with that I plan to try out soon.

04 Gift Toppers

Another place I can see these lights being used is on gifts! After you've wrapped your present, add some ribbon or twine and attach a pine or holly sprig or a candy cane. Then add a light or two with a little glue. It'll instantly elevate the look of your gift!

05 Tiny Ornaments

Much like the garland mentioned above, these lights would work really well as ornaments on a tiny tree. Attach loops of twine or ribbon and you're all set! Colorful bulbs would probably show up best on a tree.

06 Wreath Decor

Lastly, I think these lights could be incorporated into a wreath to add a little festive flair. Maybe you could make a wreath that's completely lights! So many possibilities.

I love any opportunity to repurpose or reuse something instead of throwing it away. It's a great way to reduce waste and helps me stretch my creativity. Let me know if you give any of these ideas a try or if you come up with any other uses for old Christmas lights!


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