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7 Thrift Finds I've Never Shared

Believe it or not, there are a number of thrift finds in my home that I've never shown before. Some I bought before I started sharing my finds online, some are new and I haven't gotten around to it yet, and some I just plain forgot.

So if you're reading this, congratulations! You get to be the first to hear the stories of these never-before-seen thrift finds.

The Lemon Chandelier

This first find is such a good one that I can't believe I forgot to share it. I replaced the underwhelming light fixture in Isla's room with this whimsical lemon chandelier a few months ago. It's such a unique piece and I love it in her space!

My Office Floor Lamp

You may have caught a glimpse of this recent purchase in some of my posts and I think I mentioned it briefly in an article, but I never officially showcased it. I found this stunning floor lamp on Marketplace for $40.

A Ton Of Wooden Hangers

I never shared this because I thought it would be boring, but this purchase has changed my life. Someone was selling a bunch of wooden clothes hangers on Facebook Marketplace for $30. I jumped on that deal and switched my closet from mismatched plastic and wire hangers to sleek wooden ones. It has 1000% upgraded my closet! My closet and clothes look amazing and I'm less overwhelmed when picking out my outfit each day because I'm not digging through a jumbled mess.

Vintage Display Case

Another piece you've probably caught a peek of here or there, but were never formally introduced to. I found this vintage display case on marketplace and it's pretty amazing. I don't show it much because it's in a difficult spot to photograph and it's also a pretty beat up piece, but I plan to finally give it a makeover this year and will absolutely show that process.

Leather Fossil Bag

I got a lot of really great accessories from a garage sale and this unique Fossil bag was one of them. The seller had never used it and said her daughter would kill her if she knew she'd never used it and was selling it. I think I paid $5.

chickenwire cabinet

I can't believe I've never shared this one because I've had it since my first apartment. When Nathan and I were first married, his mom (a realtor) called me up and said she had a client who was trying to clear out their entire condo. She let Nathan and I go through before it was all donated and pick out anything we needed/wanted. These cabinets were part of a large armoire and I wish we'd taken the whole thing, but it was massive and never would've fit in our tiny apartment. We took the ends, left the middle piece, and pushed them together to form a large storage cabinet. I've since added fabric to the doors to hide the mess inside. I still dream I'll stumble upon the middle piece in a thrift shop someday and have actually seen similar ones on Marketplace over the years so maybe my dream will come true.

Isla's Birthday Present

I was too busy to share this find, but it's a really special one. Isla loves to color and draw. She'll use any scrap of paper she can find and has even "decorated" our couch a couple times. So for her birthday this year, I hunted down a little table and a couple small chairs, repainted them to match, and gave her her own little "office" to create in.

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