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7 Ways to Style Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a decor staple. There are so many options when it comes to style, color, texture, where to put them, how to fold or drape them, etc. Today I'm bringing you a little throw blanket inspiration with a list of 7 ways to style throw blankets.

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A throw is the perfect addition to a bench to make your home feel cozy and lived-in while still looking styled. Add one to an entryway bench, at the foot of your bed, if you have a bench at your dining table, etc.


If you ever have a space that looks like it could use something but you just don't know what, try adding a basket with a blanket. Whether it's folded, rolled, or just tossed in, it'll look great!

Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders have been a popular trend for awhile and for good reason. It's a very functional form of decor and can add height to any space. I found my blanket ladders on Facebook Marketplace and love the worn and weathered, yet cozy look they bring to my space.


I think the couch is most people's go-to for throw blankets. If you're looking to change things up, experiment with where on your sofa you keep your throw or with different fold or toss techniques.


A bed is a pretty perfect spot for a throw too. I usually like to utilize a throw in two ways when styled on a bed. Either to add a pop of color or to add texture and a neutral layer to already colorful or patterned bedding.


Lastly, you can style a throw on an armchair or accent chair to add some cozy layers as a finishing touch to any space.

Here's a few bonus styling ideas:

  • Stacked on a shelf

  • Folded in a pile inside a glass-door hutch or cabinet

  • Hanging on a peg rail

  • Draped on a window bench


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