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7 ways to style vintage scarves

Vintage silk scarves are so beautiful and one of my favorite things to look for at thrift and antique shops. Scarves have fallen out of fashion a bit, but there's still lots of creative ways to style them in a modern wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorites.


Hair is probably at the top of my list for scarf styling because there are so many different ways to incorporate a scarf in your outfit via hair.

  • Tied around a messy bun or ponytail

  • As a headband or like a bandana

  • Even braided into your hair like with milkmaid braids


Accessories are another great way to style a silk scarf. Tie it around the strap of your favorite purse to add some personality and change them up whenever you want to coordinate with the rest of your outfit.

You can even wrap a small scarf around your wrist like a bracelet or use it as a unique watch band.


You can always go the more traditional route and wear a scarf around your neck. Depending on the outfit, this can give a cool, western look or more of a chic, old Hollywood look.


Use a longer scarf to belt a dress. Watch for vintage belt buckles or scarf clips in antique shops.


Watch for larger scarves while shopping, they make great summer tops, shawls, bathing suit coverups, wrap skirts and more! There are endless ways to tie and style them, just search for ideas and tutorials you like on Pinterest.


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