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9 Trends To Watch For This October

One of the best parts about fall is the fashion. Cozy layers, moody colors, and more opportunities to accessorize with scarves, hats, etc. It's my favorite season to dress for and I've already been scouring Pinterest planning and searching for fall outfit inspiration. Here are nine style elements I think we'll see a lot of this October.

Celestial Themes

Stars, moons, suns, even planets.

I thrifted this stunning vintage blouse with a whimsical moon and little stars on the front and sun buttons on the sleeves. I love how subtle the details are, but with a prominent placement.


A throwback to 90's and Y2K styles and a classic for fall. Look for autumn or jewel tones or timeless black.

Victorian Nods

It can be easy to get costume-y with this one so keep it subtle. A little ruffle detail especially on sleeves or collars, higher collars, a vest, corset, or structured jacket, lace-up boots, etc. Keep the rest of your outfit fairly modern and you can't go wrong with a neutral color scheme.


I for one am glad to see the strong return of purple this fall, but I don't want just any purple. The richer and deeper the tones, the better! Think dark plum, orchid, blackberry, mulberry. If it's got berry in the name, you're good. If you find lighter colors suit you better, go for muted, pinky-purples like mauve.

P.S. If you love a good monochromatic look like the one below, check out this article.


Last month I predicted we'd see a lot of leather this fall and I still stand by that. Check out ways to wear leather as well as some gorgeous leather and faux leather pieces to add to your wardrobe here.

Oversized Bags

Remember when oversized bags were such a big trend, it kind of became a joke? Yeah, we're doing that again. Maybe not quite to the extent we did last time, but don't be afraid to go big with your purse. Slouchy and casual, big enough for one of everything you need and two of everything you don't.

Dark Plaids

If you know me, you know plaid is my favorite color. If you need any more evidence, head to last month's article all about fall plaid inspiration. I don't think plaid has ever gone out of style for fall fashion, but this season, opt for darker color schemes. Navy, hunter green, maroon, crimson. A very academic, east coast vibe.


Wear them with jeans, over dresses, pair with tennis shoes or heels. Blazers are so versatile at the moment and people are getting so creative with how to style them which makes outfit inspiration easy to find. And I've never been to a thrift shop that didn't have a rack of blazers so they're easy to thrift too!


Move over boots! Ok, boots aren't going anywhere, but loafers are definitely having a moment. Like blazers, you can wear them with just about anything and they're super comfortable!

Here's to staying cozy and looking cute this fall!


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