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A Coastal Granddaughter Summer

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is big in the world of decor and lifestyle at the moment and for good reason. It's the perfect mix of classic and cozy with a light and airy feel that's perfect for the summer season.

I'm completely here for the coastal grandmother style, but when it comes to my wardrobe, do I really want to spend the summer dressed like a grandma? Some days sure, but the rest of the time, I think I'd rather look like I'm going to visit my coastal grandmother. I think we should embrace what I'm calling a coastal granddaughter style. All the classic components of the coastal grandmother look with a more youthful and modern take.

Here are a few key elements to focus on when curating a coastal granddaughter wardrobe:


This style incorporates a lot of neutrals especially whites and creams as well as various shades of blue. Outfits usually have only one accent color if any.


Keep patterns to a minimal and focus on timeless patterns like small stripes, gingham, toile, etc. If you have a bold or busy print, the colors should be kept very neutral.


Search for linen, cotton, light knits, light denim, terrycloth, and other breathable fabrics. Embroidered details, eyelet lace, and scalloped edges are a plus, but have the mindset of less is more with these.

Fit and Cut

Stick to classic and casual silhouettes. Button downs, paper bag pants and skirts, flowy dresses, etc.

Rule of Thumb

It's easy to find summer styles that fit a lot of this criteria, but the real trick to nailing this look consistently is asking yourself if you can wear an item to grandma's house. Nothing too revealing or trendy and if you can picture a character wearing it in a Nancy Meyers movie, you're doing something right.

Scroll through to shop some beautiful pieces I think are absolutely perfect for the coastal granddaughter aesthetic.

My version of this style can be summed up as vintage, nautical, and textured. I mainly stick to a color scheme of red white and blue, but this wasn't too intentional, just what I'm gravitating toward this season and what ended up in my closet.

Here's a glimpse at my personal coastal granddaughter wardrobe:


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