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Christmas and Perfectionism

I had this cute little idea of making snow globes with Emmitt this year. I had the perfect jelly jars, bought tiny trees and snowmen, researched how to make the glitter fall just right, I had it all planned out.

I laid everything out and Emmitt and I had so much fun choosing which snowmen would go in which globe, what color trees we should use, and if our snow should be white or gold or green or purple. He told me where everything should go and loved watching the glitter fall and giving the snow globe its first shake when we were finished.

It was a great Christmas activity and held his attention for a long time which is a really tough thing to do with a three-year-old.

The only thing I forgot to consider for this DIY was choosing the right glue...

In the excitement and fun of this Christmas craft, I grabbed my nearby hot glue gun to attach all our little snowpeople and trees. They were all quickly swept up in a tornado of glitter and not a single one survived the globe shaking.

This would be an easy DIY to start over, but to tell you the truth, all those failed snow globes are still lined up on my counter because I don't want to deal with the glittery mess of emptying, re-gluing, and refilling them. And Emmitt still shakes and enjoys them so it's fine for now.

I could look at this as a failed DIY. The time I got all the right supplies, researched and prepped and it still didn't work out even though it should've been a super easy, straightforward thing. But I don't think Emmitt will remember it that way. I think he'll remember choosing between all the different snowmen with their cute little accessories. Carefully designing the color scheme of his snow globe forest. Selecting the perfect combination of glitter (pro tip: the perfect glitter combo is all the glitter available) and watching it slowly cascade down through the water like magic. He'll remember how funny it was when all the snowmen and trees were uprooted from their spots and swirled around and around when we shook them up and all the big "oh no's" and giggles.

Our DIY was a big fail, but we still managed to create those special Christmas memories because of all the imperfections. Christmas magic isn't just in the perfectly styled trees, curated wrapping paper themes, and matching stocking collections. A lot of times it's the messy, "oh no" moments that stick with us and mean the most.

If you want to learn how to make a magical little snow globe that doesn't fall apart, tap here.


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