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A Foolproof Father's Day Gift Guide

Let's face it, men are hard to shop for. At least the men in my life are. Through my gift-finding struggles, I've managed to come across some pretty cool things that I'm confident any man would love and today I'm sharing that foolproof gift list with you!

I actually gave this to Nathan last Christmas and he loved it! It was perfect for our new home and looks great with our decor.

Another item on this list I've gifted to Nathan is this bracelet. I was super impressed with the quality and Nathan wears it all the time.

This is perfect for the dad who travels a lot. It's large enough for everything he might need and has lots of compartments to keep it all organized.

If the dad you're shopping for loves his morning coffee, this will be right up his alley! But be warned, this stuff is no joke. Maybe throw in a #1 Dad mug with this one too.

Nathan received a bouquet of jerky this year and totally loved it! We have a tricky time keeping our gifts a secret from each other, but this one surprised him for sure. It looked great, was delicious, and will definitely be something Nathan will remember! He's already talked about how great a present it would be for his own dad so I'd say this one was a win.

I think people normally think of this idea around Mother's Day, but dads deserve to be cozy too! If the dad in your life just wants to relax and take it easy this Father's Day, this is the perfect gift.

A watch is a great go-to gift for any man who likes to look his best. There are so many unique styles to pick from too! Here are a couple I love that are super affordable.

I got my sister a shirt from this shop and she absolutely loved it! They draw a silhouette of your pup based off pictures you provide. They did an amazing job capturing my sister's dog and it was a really special gift to give.

Hopefully this list has helped in your search for the perfect gift! Men can be tricky to shop for, but if you give from the heart, they're sure to love it. Have a very happy Father's Day!


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