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A Very Coordinated Haul

I always appreciate a coordinated or themed thrift haul. It makes it feel like all those things were totally meant to find their way to each other and to me. This past weekend I ended up with an extremely coordinated haul almost to the point of it being a little creepy. I'm starting to think about how I want to redecorate my kitchen and make it my own and I've been slowly collecting blue, white, and green dishes for a plate wall I'm creating for that space. I totally hit the jackpot last weekend and found all the colors I'm looking for and most of it is vintage and antique!

Scroll through to see what I found (and yes, there is a pair of earrings in the mix)

A lot of these finds will be making their way onto my plate wall and I'm excited to find homes for the other beautiful, non-plate items too. I found all of these pieces in two days at two shops which I still can't believe! I'm taking it as reassurance that this is the look I'm meant to pursue for my kitchen and I can't wait to get started on redecorating this space and making it mine.


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