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A Year In The Life Of A Thrift Addict

If you don't already know, I have a regular series on TikTok where I take everyone along with me for "A Day In The Life Of A Thrift Addict". We go around thrifting and picking up Marketplace finds, I show you what I got, and we never tell Nathan how much we spent.

Before we get into a new year, let's reminisce about all the fun we had thrifting in 2022 with A Year In The Life Of A Thrift Addict. Tap the links to relive the memories.


In January, I found a really beautiful, poplar wood bowl. Handmade, signed, and with some interesting "legs". The maker had taken coat hooks and attached them to the bottom. It was a cool look, but not my style so I took them off. This choice fiercely divided viewers on social media and we had some fun putting them back on, taking them back off, and fighting in the comments about what looked better.


February is when I found my blue and white chandelier on Facebook Marketplace. Over the next couple months I found fabric and trim to redo the shades and Nathan hung it for me in the kitchen. I learned a lot with this project and would love to do it again


I took a trip to Florida to visit family in March. My return flight ended up getting cancelled (along with my replacement return flight) and I got stuck there for a couple weeks before just driving home. This led to a lot of thrifting...


In April I wallpapered Isla's room (my first time wallpapering) which isn't exactly thrift-related, but was too good a project not to revisit.

I also found my desk (an early Mother's Day present) on Facebook Marketplace.


May brought me a lot of cool finds including my white whale. A find I'd been searching years for that I scored at a garage sale for a mere $2!

May was also when I came up with the idea for the Worcester Run Magazine.


In June, I took a trip to Tennessee and found Isla's gold birds at a tiny, little thrift shop.


I published the first issue of the Worcester Run Magazine in July!

A favorite find from this month was a collage of receipts from 1970's Paris that I broke up and reframed around my kitchen.


In August, I finally hung the blue and white plate wall I'd been collecting pieces for for months. I also took a girls trip with Isla and my mom to Wisconsin and found so many amazing things, I had to ship half of them to myself to get them home.

August was a pretty busy month. This was also when I hung Isla's thrifted/DIY crown canopy.


Finally in September, I gave my desk a makeover. This project was such a pain so I never shared the process, but the results were amazing and I did share those.

I also finished a bathroom makeover I'd started back in July and got to give a home for so many thrift finds I'd been collecting for the space.


In October, I took a bit of a break from larger home projects to focus on fun, holiday-related projects.

Halloween costumes are always a favorite of mine to put together and I absolutely love how this year's costumes turned out! They were completely thrifted or things we already had in our closets.


I continued my break from big projects in November while prepping Christmas content for the December issue. I also visited Wisconsin again and was able to go to a holiday event at my favorite antique store. I really tried to only buy small items on this visit so I could get it all back, but I failed at the very end of the trip and left a few things at my mom's cottage.


Nathan's family visited us for Christmas and helped us pull off our very first home renovation project! I haven't shared this anywhere yet so you're getting some very exclusive, behind-the-scenes info right now. We knocked down a wall in our living room/entryway and installed a set of beautiful, vintage french doors leading into Nathan's office (aka the former junk room). We aren't finished with this project yet and I have a lot of work to do in both the living room and office, but I'm so ecstatic this project actually happened and my vision is coming to life! I bought these doors Summer of 2021via Marketplace so this has been a long time coming.

Thank you so much for sharing this year of thrifting with me! I have a feeling 2023 is going to be even better so stick around!


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