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Bedroom Gallery Wall

We've lived in our house almost a year and we're just now getting around to redoing our master bedroom. That's right, we are finally saying goodbye to the dingy lime walls, getting rid of some furniture that's been cluttering up our space, and starting a few very exciting design projects that have been on my to do list for a long time.

The first thing we changed was the paint and it instantly upgraded the space. The walls were a very muted lime green that I'd grown to hate over the last year. It wasn't a bad color, but all our furniture and decor looked so blah next to it. I only showed my bedroom on my Instagram a couple times this year because it's been such a tricky space to work with and make look good. I chose "Downy" from Valspar in a flat sheen and it was the perfect warm white. Not too yellow and not too blue. Our wood furniture pops instead of looking dull and the room is so much brighter! The power of paint is an amazing thing and we honestly could've stopped there and it would've looked like we did a total room refresh.

Next on my list was wall decor. I still had piles of frames stacked in the corner of my bedroom from the move that I just never got around to hanging up. I wanted to fill the room with warm, bright colors and my favorite artwork I've collected over the years (mostly thrifted). We also wanted to personalize our space with some of family photos so I partnered with Frame it Easy to have a few of our favorites professionally framed. I chose their Granby frame in gold so the family pictures would fit seamlessly with the vintage pieces I wanted to use. I also went with no-glare glass since I know I'll be taking a lot of photos of this space. (If you use any of the links in this post, you can save 10% on your order with Frame it Easy!)

I am so impressed with how our photos turned out! They came beautifully packaged and ready to hang and the quality of the photos is amazing. The ordering process was extremely thorough, yet really simple and I would definitely recommend Frame it Easy if you're looking to build a gallery wall like this or needing to frame special photos or artwork.

One area of the master that has always been a little awkward decor-wise is our dormer. It's a long, narrow space I've never really known what to do with so it's just kind of become a storage nook. I wanted to turn it into a functional and stylish part of the room so I decided to position my gallery wall at the corner of the bedroom wall and the dormer wall to visually join the spaces. I needed the walls to complement each other while also being able to work on their own so the gallery would look good from any angle.

I started by styling the bedroom wall that also houses my standing closet. There's not much extra room to work with so I knew exactly where my photos were going. Then I moved to the dormer wall and arranged that like it's own gallery wall, stepping back every now and then to make sure it looked good next to my two other frames. Pro tip: play around with how you want to arrange your gallery wall on the floor before you start hanging. Go in with a plan, but make adjustments as you go if needed.

Another thing that helped connect my walls visually was getting all our family photos from Frame it Easy so these frames and style are all the same on both walls. The other artwork is all landscapes with mismatched gold frames. Keeping the fame color consistent overall and matching some of the frame styles gave me a very cohesive and intentional look. And including a collection of different art styles in my thrifted pieces made sure my gallery still had a curated style that was unique to me and my home.

What started as an awkward, useless nook is now my favorite cozy corner in my room! It's the perfect spot to curl up with a book and relax or set up with my laptop and get some work done distraction-free. And I love that we were able to add a personal touch with some of our favorite family photos styled in such a beautiful way. They make me smile every time I see them. I am so inspired and excited to keep this bedroom makeover going! Stay tuned because new bedding and some amazing furniture flips are next on the list!


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