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Bedroom Makeover: New Bedding

One big project we've been tackling recently is completely making over the master bedroom and transforming it into a space we can relax in and enjoy. No more sharing with babies or dedicating a corner to miscellaneous storage. Just a beautiful, cohesively styled bedroom.

I already shared a couple big changes we've made like paint color and the new gallery wall and we just finished up another big section of the room: the bed! I still love our old bedding, but we've had it for years now and I felt like it was time to totally change up the space.

I partnered with Levtex Home (the same company Isla's nursery rug is from) for this refresh and could not be happier with how everything came together. I wanted the bed to look like it was straight out of a magazine which meant lots of layering, lots of cushy pillows, and a gorgeous color scheme. I also wanted something that would be super versatile with different decor, seasons, and time so I did something a little different and feel like I've uncovered some sort of secret interior design hack. I totally recommend trying this design trick if you like to change your decor often or have commitment issues when it comes to design!

I started with Levtex's Mills Waffle Quilt Set in blush as a neutral base. I think picking neutral bedding is always a great option especially if you like to change up your surrounding decor a lot. You can always update the look with accent pillows and throws if you have a neutral backdrop to work with. I was super impressed with this quilt set. A lot of waffle knit blankets don't have much shape or stretch out easily, but this quilt is very structured on the top side and extremely soft on the back so it lies really nicely on the bed while still being comfy and cozy.

Here's where the decor hack comes in. I didn't just add a new set of bedding, I added two. I used the neutral quilt like I normally would and added a second quilt from Levtex (their gorgeous Briar pattern) for my pillows and as an oversized throw stretching the foot of the bed. The best part about the Briar quilt set is that it's reversible so it's like having another bedspread in the mix! It also comes with two euro shams in the neutral, reverse print so all the patterns are repeated throughout the bed.

This is the first look I chose to go with, but this duo (or more like trio) allows me to make my bed differently every single day if I want to! I feel like there's no way I'll get tired of my bedding any time soon or feel the need to switch it up seasonally. I'll just try out a different blanket combo and maybe add a new accent pillow. While playing around, I created eleven different styles for this bed and I know there's even more I haven't tired yet.

There's one other trick I used to make my bed look magazine-worthy: oversized bedding. We purchased our beautiful antique bed off Facebook Marketplace and I'm so in love with it. The only downside is most antique beds like this are a little smaller. Ours is a full but we don't totally mind the smaller size because it means it's a little easier to make it look super cozy. Whenever I'm selecting bedding, I go up a size or even two to get the full, draping look like in the magazines. These quilts are both kings and I'm obsessed with the romantic, overflowing effect they give the space. Our bed is pretty tall and it ended up being the perfect length to almost touch the ground on either side.

The drawback to this oversized bedding hack is that king-sized pillow shams are WAY too big for my full-sized bed. My solution is to just slide my pillow insert to one side of the sham and tuck the excess around the back of the pillow on the inward-facing side.

In addition to new bedding, we styled the orange nightstands I redid last year with a couple of antique lamps I thrifted years ago, vintage books, and matching bird art that I just picked up from Goodwill the other month. I love how the orange looks next to the warm pinks and yellows in the bedding and the framed birds tie into the gallery wall on the other side of the room really well.

I can't even tell you how pleased I am with how this part of the bedroom refresh turned out. I loved my bed before, but I'm totally obsessed with it now! The styling options are endless and the color combo is absolutely perfect. We are well on our way to a completed master bedroom makeover and I'm very excited for the remaining projects! I definitely recommend checking out Levtex Home if you want to recreate this cozy, layered look not just because of how impressed I am with the quality and feel, but because they have so many fun patterns and neutrals to pair together!


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