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Big Changes

I adore my chesterfield sofa so much so that I always thought I would replace it with an identical one when the time came. I like to dream up different spaces for different sofas I find on Marketplace and while thrifting, but have never come close to actually buying one because of the chesterfield. That is until a couple weeks ago...

I was scrolling marketplace and happened upon a cute, plaid couch. I was imagining a hypothetical space it could go in, thinking it'd be so fun to style a plaid couch someday. I backed out of the listing and that's when I spotted another plaid couch. The prettiest, pink, plaid sofa. I could immediately envision it in my space, not some dreamed up space. It looked like it was in amazing condition and it was listed for only $75!!!

It was love at first sight and I needed this sofa even if it meant saying goodbye to my beloved chesterfield.

The sofa was just as beautiful in person as it had been online. It actually had a sister sofa for sale as well. A similar color scheme, identical shape and style, but vertical stripes instead of plaid. If I had the space, I would've bought both.

We got her home, temporarily shoved the chesterfield in the library, and settled the pink plaid into her new home in the living room. She looked great with so much of the decor already in the space like the window-framed botanicals, various antiques, pillows I had just thrifted, and the orange, floral curtains.

This new couch is unbelievably comfortable and I love the sophisticated-country feel it brings to the space. Almost a french country or shabby chic style. I can't wait to adjust this space to fit the new focal point even better!

Maybe I'll have another chesterfield in the future, but for now I'm enjoying the change and think it was totally worth it. Someday, I'd love to combine the chesterfield style with a pink plaid fabric like this to merge the looks. I'll have to get a little better at upholstery first.


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