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Chocolate Whipped Cream

I love homemade whipped cream because it's such an easy way to elevate the food and drinks you make at home and it's an easy food to elevate itself! Homemade whipped cream is one thing, but homemade strawberry whipped cream? Cinnamon whipped cream?? Chocolate whipped cream??? It starts to sound so much fancier, but still involves so little work.

Here's my recipe for chocolate whipped cream as well as a link to the whipped cream dispenser I use which makes the process a breeze.

Screenshot the recipe card at the end of this article to save for later!

  • Thoroughly combine all of the ingredients outside of the whipped cream dispenser.

  • If you like a sweeter chocolate, add a little extra powdered sugar.

  • Pour the mixture into the whipped cream dispenser and secure the lid.

  • Twist on the N2O cartridge until you hear it release and then give your dispenser several vigorous shakes.

If you don't have a whipped cream dispenser, don't worry. You can whip your cream with a mixer or by hand. Just combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl and quickly whip the mixture until stiff peaks form. Be careful not to over-whip!

Add your whipped cream to your favorite breakfast foods, drinks, berry bowls, ice cream, or just grab a bowl and spoon and go for it!

There are several really nice whipped cream dispensers on the market, but this is the one I've used for years. Don't forget the N2O cartridges!


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