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Coffee Table Christmas Cloche

I found this little snow globe style cloche at Michaels and knew I needed to add it to my Christmas collection this year.

I chose to make it part of my coffee table decor and wanted it to bring a little pop of color to the space. I have a lot of warm pinks, browns, and golds in my living room this Christmas with a few earthy greens throughout so I picked green for my color pop.

I started by adding some leftover Halloween spiderwebs to the base as snow. Traditional snow filler would work beautifully for this, but I like the wispiness of the webs and that it wont make a mess if the kids get into it. A little goes a long way with these spiderwebs which is also a plus.

Next I added a sage green bottlebrush tree and a blue mercury glass ornament. I love the texture and size combo and the blue contrasts nicely against my pinks and complements my little green tree. I used hot glue to secure everything and I expect it to come off easily without ruining the wood when I decide to change up this cloche later.

I love this whimsical little scene and the colors it brings to my space. Next year I think it would be really cute to have a miniature gold tree inside made to look like my life-sized tree so I'm going to keep my eye out for the perfect gold bottle brush tree and little ornaments this season. Maybe add some tiny wrapped presents too.

You can shop this project below by tapping on the pictures. For miniatures, I suggest looking at Michaels, Joann's, Hobby Lobby, the dollar store, and Target, or getting creative with things you find in nature.

Here are a few more ideas of what you could put inside your Christmas cloche:







Truck or Car




Present Boxes

Nativity Scene




Pine or Fir Sprig


Dried Oranges


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