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Coffee Table Makeover

I have been wanting to redo my coffee table for awhile now and I finally did it!

Our coffee table was a curbside find from a few years ago. It’s served us well over the years, but I was thinking it was time to find something that fit our home a little better. I had originally planned to fix it up a little and sell it, but after this little makeover it goes so well in our space that we may just hold on to it!

The table started out as a very bright blonde wood which my mom and I painted a nice gray. It worked great in our last house, but is a little dull in this space. We never sealed it so it’s also gotten a little dinged up over the years.

I finally decided to sand it down a few weeks ago, but the stain I chose was a little funky in a hard to describe way and was NOT going to work. I tried to cover it with different stains and even tried painting over everything, but it just wasn’t turning into anything. So I sanded it down again and went with a nice, safe, neutral stain and couldn’t be happier with the results! Now it’s a warm and inviting piece that works cohesively with our other furniture. And any centerpiece I’ve tried on it looks great!

For those wondering, I used Minwax’s “classic gray” and then went over it with their “special walnut” until I was happy with the color. Then I sealed everything with a matte polyurethane. The base is still the paint it was when we first found it, so don’t know the name of the color.

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