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Colorful Christmas Trees

I have a traditional green tree and a champagne gold tree and I honestly can't decide which is my favorite look. Green will always be classic, but there's something about going big and bold for the holidays that I love. So I've rounded up a list of show-stopping, colorful Christmas trees I'd love the chance to decorate and I think you would too.

Let's start with gold and champagne. I've included a few different styles because I love my gold tree so much and think everyone should have one.

I honestly don't know why we don't see more black Christmas trees. It's classy and matches everything!

I've had my eye on these adorable pink trees and am SO ready to add one to Isla's room! Whether it's ombre, blush, or mauve, you really can't go wrong with a pink tree.

I love a classic white tree. It screams that you're dreaming of a cozy white Christmas and much like the black tree, will go with anything.

I think this muted blue tree is so striking and would LOVE to decorate it! I think the tones are a little cool for my home, but I'm having fun dreaming about it.

If you like bold and dramatic Christmas decor and don't have a crimson Christmas tree, what are you doing with your life?? I almost bought a scarlet red tree a couple years back, but Nathan stopped me and I'll never forgive him for it. Someday I'll have my red tree full of red ornaments just like this beauty.


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