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Cozy Coffee Cup Garland DIY

A couple years ago, Nathan gifted me a hot cocoa advent calendar. Each cocoa flavor came in a cute little coffee cup that could double as an ornament. Once I finished all my drinks, I saved the adorable cups and packed them away with my Christmas decor. When I pulled out my Christmas bins this year, I saw the stack of cups and immediately thought "I should make a garland with these for my kitchen" and thus the holiday decor theme for my kitchen was born. The theme isn't "coffee" per se (although it almost was). It's more whimsical, food-related items which a coffee cup garland totally fits with.

Another item I found in my Christmas bins was a strand of felt and wood garland that I very much regretted thrifting because it really doesn't go with any of my other decor. BUT, it'll make a perfect base for my garland so I'm going to repurpose it.

I started by removing the silver hanging string from each, punching larger holes in the lids, and replacing the string with neutral Christmas twine I had. This gave everything a more cohesive, intentional look and blended the color schemes of the cups and original garland better.

Next, I measured out the middle of my garland and how far apart I wanted to space the cups. I was prepared to hot glue my cups to the garland, but once I slid my first one on, I was able to tug the string down between the red and wooden beads pretty securely so I ditched the glue gun.

This project took 30 minutes at most to complete and it's such a cute and whimsical addition to my kitchen this Christmas!

If you want to recreate this look yourself, these ball/pom-pom garlands come in so many different colors right now and you can easily find a set of small travel cups or even coffee/cocoa ornaments to use. I've linked a few options below!

Wrap these blank cups in some pretty paper or make it a Christmas craft and decorate them!


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