DIY Gift Guide

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list. I LOVE hunting down the best present to show how much I love and appreciate the people in my life. However, I know holiday shopping is not everyone's favorite thing to do. I get it! The stores can be crowded, the weather icky, and sometimes you just don't know what to get someone!

To save you from some of that holiday stress, I've made a gift guide! But it's more than just your average gift guide, it's a DIY gift guide! It's basically a formula for finding a gift even the trickiest person on your list will love.

I've created a selection of gift baskets/boxes based on a variety of interests. Just grab a cute basket, box, or even a container included in the gift and load it up with the items you see!

Now, there's two ways to go about this gift guide....

You can use it as a "shopping list" and go out and find these or similar items. This is great if you enjoy holiday shopping and putting a personal touch on your gifts, but are struggling to come up with the right gift for someone on your list.

The second option is to buy the exact items you see shown. I've linked just about everything I could in each group so it's convenient and stress-free for you. This method is perfect if you hate fighting the holiday crowds and would prefer to hunker down with a cup of cocoa, a Christmas movie, and the "add to cart" button.

***Side Note: It can be difficult to make these baskets and boxes pretty if you're using the second option and shipping the gifts directly to the recipients. When I face this dilemma, I usually try to purchase all of the items from the same store and have them gift wrapped or I elicit the help of someone on the receiving end. For instance, if I'm shipping items for my sister, I may ask my mom if she can intercept the package and make it pretty first or at least combine separate packages into one. The logistics can get tricky, but I'm sure your loved one will still love their gift however it arrives!

Let's get started!

This is the time of year for ultimate coziness. So what better gift than the gift of cozy? Grab a cute basket (preferably one that will look great next to their couch later) and toss in a soft throw blanket (can't go wrong with plaid), a mug for warm, winter-inspired drinks, and a pair of fuzzy slippers. Top it off with a candle (if you aren't sure which one, Anthropologie's volcano candles are always a winner) and you'll be sure to bring your loved one lots of comfort and joy this year!

Plaid throw blanket

Snowflake mug

Knit slippers

Anthropologie Volcano candle