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DIY Valentine’s Vase

I’m not usually one to decorate for Valentine’s Day. We do celebrate, but I’m not a super mushy, lovey-dovey person and pinks and reds aren’t colors I gravitate towards in my decor. But with the past year being what it was, I figured I’d put in a little extra effort this February and add some pretty, romantic details here and there.

I thrifted some red garland, set out pink and purple flowers, and I managed to scrounge together some pink accents like throw pillows and blankets. The biggest Valentines decorating I did was a new window design which I’m pretty in love with! If you're curious how I make these windows, check out my latest IGTV!

I normally like to incorporate a mix of feminine and masculine pieces in the same space so it was fun to lean a little more on the feminine side with my decor this month.

While shopping my home for Valentine’s decorations, I stumbled upon a wooden vase I’d had forever. I’d used it a couple times to test stain colors, but otherwise it was just taking up space. So I decided to give it a little facelift!

I decided to stain the entire thing to hide the discoloration from previous stain tests and it turned out really great with the warmer color! I knew I wanted to add some painted details to make it more on theme with the holiday. Either X’s and O’s or little hearts in white, black, or pink.

To get my heart shape, I cut a circular stamp I had into a little heart to make sure all my hearts would look similar. Then I took some leftover black paint and started stamping. I definitely think going with black made it more my style and kept it from getting too cutesy.

I did four rows of hearts, but my last row turned out a little crooked and I knew I wanted to do a two-tone/dipped effect so I taped off the bottom row of hearts and went in with more black. My tape didn't do an amazing job, so I did have to do some touch ups by hand. I really liked how it turned out so I added a little bit of black to the rim of the vase as well to tie it all together.

The only thing left to do was add some florals and admire my new Valentine's Day decor! I am so pleased with how this little project turned out and I can definitely see myself using this vase for awhile. Even after February! I think keeping my colors warm and neutral really helped keep this a versatile piece. I really like that I've pushed myself to get creative and decorate for holidays I don't normally decorate for. Our home looks a little happier and I'm enjoying finding ways to incorporate my personal style in holiday decor that doesn't normally work well in my space.

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