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Emmitt's Christmas Bedroom

Let me just start by saying that the original plan for the Christmas decor in Emmitt's room involved a ride-on train going around a tree...that didn't happen. He's only three and the more I thought about it, I didn't totally trust him to have a tree set up in his room and not get into mischief. Instead I opted for making some minor seasonal swaps and adding colorful lights and I think the subtlety makes the space even cozier.

I usually stick with white Christmas lights in my home, but I had this single strand of colorful vintage-style lights in my collection and this was the perfect spot for them this year. Emmitt has so many fun, vintage colors in his room and they totally fit and made the space instantly festive.

I changed out his usual orange houndstooth throw blanket for this super soft red plaid and added a Ralph Lauren teddybear pillow I thrifted this year. I think the blue stripes go with the pieces he already had here and the teddy is in line with the toy theme of Christmas.

Even though they aren't Christmas-specific, I'll show you a couple other changes we've made to this space during this makeover.

For those who were here when I last shared Emmitt's room, you might notice lots of new art on the walls, a new rug, and a new cozy chair. We've been very lucky at the thrift shops lately!

You'll also probably see this chair hopping around to different spots in my home. It's a new addition and looks so great in every place I try it out! It's also really comfy so everyone in the family is unofficially fighting over where it should permanently live.

I have a small version of this Threshold rug that I absolutely adore and I recently stumbled upon this hardly used 7X10 at Goodwill for $30! I HAD to get it even though I didn't know where I'd put it. The colors ended up working really well in this room and I reluctantly gave Emmitt my mini version too. Maybe someday I'll steal it back, but I felt it only right they live together.

I told you that chair would hop! On this side of the room, we added a really cool wooden world map from Enjoy the Wood. I love the mix of wood tones and how perfectly it goes with some of the other vintage pieces in here like these airplanes.

I did a little reorganizing in Emmitt's closet, but haven't gotten the chance to photograph any of that yet. His closet is actually the coolest place in the house, but I've never taken you on a formal tour. We'll have to do that soon! (It's pretty awesome, there's a rock wall involved.)

I hope you enjoyed this little tour even without a riding tain and Christmas tree! It just shows you don't need to go all out in a space to decorate for the holidays. Just a few cozy, Christmas touches here and there will do the trick.


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