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Everything I Bought On Facebook Marketplace This Month

I usually take you along any time I have a Facebook Marketplace pick up, but this past month my purchases have been a little more spur of the moment and I haven't been documenting them consistently. The thing is, some of these unshared finds are pretty amazing and I'm too excited to wait until I style them all to share them with you!

So here's everything I bought on Facebook Marketplace this month (technically last month) that I never told you about.

Let's start with my favorite. I found this stunning marble table for $20!!! I was so excited and wanted to lock down the deal so badly that I Venmoed the seller before she even sent me her address. We picked it up the next morning and it's going to look absolutely beautiful in our library. I'd love to style it in my kitchen, but I don't want to deal with the maintenance of marble and toddlers at the same time.

This small bookshelf has been a perfect addition to Isla's room. She's quite the little bookworm and was needing some extra storage. I did have time to style this find so here's how we've been using it.

Just before heading to a pilates class I spotted this Pottery Barn chandelier for $35. I messaged on it and couldn't keep from checking my phone during class for a response. I heard back from the seller right as class was finishing up and I asked if I could pick it up right then. 15 minutes later it was mine and Nathan got it hung in the library that weekend!

I've been searching for the right furniture for Emmitt's room for months. I had a couple options in mind: a long or tall dresser, armoire, corner desk, buffet, etc. Something to fill up a specific wall. Just a couple weeks ago, I scrolled past this dresser and noticed the $25 price. It definitely looked like it had the potential to fit the look I'm going for, but I'd been searching for so long and was really skeptical. Am I sure this is the one? Why only 25? Is something wrong with it? I took a leap of faith and bought it and it is totally perfect for his room! It's a solid piece that is going to be the ideal blend of style and function after a new paint job. As a little bonus, the knobs even match a detail on his current bed frame!

Now that we're all caught up, make sure you're following a long on TikTok and Instagram to see how I transform and style each piece!


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