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Everything I Thrifted in a Small Town

Isla, my mom, and I took an end of summer trip to Kewaskum Wisconsin to spend time with family. While there, we got to do quite a bit of thrifting, antiquing, and even hit up a barn sale. I packed really light, but still ended up shipping the majority of my finds back home.

Here's my little box of 25 lbs worth of thrift finds:

Scroll through to see everything I picked up on my trip, what made it home and what broke on the way there, and what was so big that I had to leave behind with family.

My favorite antique shop that I've been going to since I was little is located in Kewaskum so that was an obvious first stop. It's a massive, two story building and I went back twice more during my trip to see it all.

Here's what I got from the General Store Antique Mall:

A little set of salt and pepper shakers.

Small, brass bookmark

Hand-painted trinket tray

I found a large mason jar full of miscellaneous jewelry. Not one to pass up a mystery, I crossed my fingers and bought the jar. The jar itself was too big to fit in the box, but here's all the mystery jewelry I purchased. Promise we'll go through it all together soon.

The first casualty of USPS: a metal towel tray that got very smashed. I'll try to bend it back into shape, but it may be a lost cause.

A beautiful enamel bracelet

Along with some other jewelry

Pretty carriage scarf

Leather belt with horses

And an iron door knocker

Immediately after arriving, I changed my location of Facebook Marketplace to check out the area. Right away I arranged a pickup for four vintage cow creamers. I've decided to keep the brown cow and you can find the others in my shop.

Here's a few things I picked up at various thrift shops in the area:

No, I will not be explaining why I bought this crazy purse.

The cutest little strawberry hook

An E hook for Emmitt's room

Another item that didn't make it was this little blue and white dish which I'm still pretty bummed about

My mom found this vintage bird for me! I have a couple in Isla's room and am always watching for more to add to the shop for the people who ask about them. (This one isn't in the shop yet, but will be soon.)

Iron fork and spoon

A couple original sketches

A set of teapot napkin rings that I got really lucky with! One broke on the way home, but I'm still left with an even set.

A gorgeous boat painting

The barn sale we found was huge! Cars lined up down the side of the road and two barns on the property filled with everything from home goods and furniture to farm equipment and machinery. If I didn't have to figure out transportation home, I would've bought so many amazing things!

A vintage cookbook to add to my collection

(If you haven't checked it out yet, I tested a recipe from one of my vintage cookbooks this month. Read about the process and get the recipe here.)

I think I'll be trying this banana bread recipe first!

An old veterinarian book

Two empty books for milk deliveries

Beautiful leather wallet that looks like it was never used.

There were a few things that ended up being too large or too heavy to get home on this trip, that I'll be back for another time. Here's a look at what I left behind with family:

The jar from the mystery jewelry

A heavy, gold flourish from the 80's

This pillow was probably a mistake...

Awesome old frame with...

This vintage floral print on the back

This horse picture is from the barn sale and was too cool to leave behind. It's fabric that's been stuffed just like this other picture I thrifted awhile back. I can't wait to go back for this one.

I did not expect or intend to come home with so many finds. It was so much fun spending time with family, treasure hunting with my mom, and exploring what there is to find in an area so different from where I usually get to shop.

Check back soon to see how I use these finds, which ones show up in my shop, and if we got anything good in that mystery jewelry jar!

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Sep 06, 2022

You have the best taste!!! The blue and white cow creamers are so pretty. Sucks that you lost a few things, but still got a bunch of nice stuff!

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