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Everything I Thrifted In Kansas City

Every time I visit a new place, I love to pop into a thrift shop and check out what that new area has to offer. We were recently in Kansas City for a wedding and had to stop at a couple Goodwills because Nathan, the best man, forgot to pack his entire suit! Thankfully, We were somehow able to thrift one at the last minute. Here’s a look at everything I thrifted while Nathan was scrambling to piece together a new suit and how I’ve styled it all since getting home.

First a quick peek at Nathan's replacement suit and the outfit you helped me pick out for the wedding:

Ok, on to the thrift finds!

How cool is this owl statue? He’s super heavy, I love how messy he looks and almost a little creepy/spooky. He’s the perfect addition to the shelves in the library.

I don’t know what it was about this little soap dish, but I just had to have it. I love the simplicity and the little holes in the bottom are gonna keep my soap from getting all gunky.

I found this little box of vintage recipe cards. The country kitchen pictures are so cute and I’ve already started using them.

I thought this art piece was so pretty, I might make it so it can hang horizontally, but for now, I styled it as a layering piece on the green bookshelves.

The nerd in me has always had an appreciation for office supplies. I found this really pretty linen and leather portfolio that I’m using to keep track of future magazine articles and projects I'm working on.

Our time in Kansas City was so much fun and I love all the little treasures I was able to find. I still can't believe Nathan forgot his suit and I really can't believe he was able to thrift a replacement in the nick of time! You can watch our suit-finding journey here.

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