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Everything I Thrifted On A Random Thursday

I've really slowed my roll as far as thrifting goes lately which is great for my wallet and my already-cluttered house, but really sucks for us. Less thrift hauls, less "thrift-with-me's", and less inspiration for new projects.

However, I took a thrift trip with the whole family to a store that rarely disappoints and we scored big! So here's everything I thrifted on a random Thursday and my plans for it all.

Potted Pair

I worked with amaryllises during the Christmas season and found these huge faux arrangements that totally fit my spring home vibe! They're a little dusty, but I've cleaned up worse.

Mirror Mirror

This iron mirror was the first thing added to my cart. I planned to paint it gold and still might, but the white has grown on me and I might keep it as is at least for a little bit.


I couldn't pass up these magnolia bookends because they match four others I already have styled in my library! I'll be turning these gold to match the others.

Things I Don't Need

My cats really don't need a new bowl, but I liked this blue one so I got it. Also don't need another halloween/fall themed dish, but I just couldn't bring myself to put it back. So cute and I can't wait to fill it with candy corn in the fall.

Another Step Stool

I hope none of you have noticed, but I buy a lot of step stools and I really don't know why. Sure, they're useful especially with little kids in the house, but I might have one for every room at this point! This one is Pottery Barn and super sturdy so obviously I got it. I'll figure out where to put it later.

Dish Towel

This blue and white/white and blue dishtowel was so stinkin' cute, I just had to add it to my blue and white kitchen!

Spring Mugs Set

I have two kitchen cabinets filled to the brim with mugs so this adorable spring-colored set won't be staying with me, but you can find it in the Worcester Run Shop.

Cozy Cardigan

I tried my hardest to not look at any clothes on this trip, but this ultra-cozy Banana Republic cardigan was hanging on the end of a rack and calling my name.

Patterned Sweater

This sweater screams cottage-core spring to me and I can't wait to style it!

Duckie Hat

No, it's not for me. Both the kids looked so adorable in this duck beanie so we took it home.


I also bought a Lodge cast iron skillet, a Martha Stewart holiday book, and a little lampshade nightlight that I'll be redoing the fabric on.

It was a great thrift trip and well worth the wait. I can't wait to use, style, and transform these finds!


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