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Father's Day Gift Guide

I don't know about you, but I think Father's Day is one of the most difficult holidays to shop for. There are only so many years you can buy the dads in your life a new tie or coffee mug! Because of this, I always start prepping for this holiday early and this year I thought I'd share some of my planning with you! I'll start by saying if the dad in your life has a specific item on his wishlist, make it easy on yourself and just go with that. If you've had a hard time getting gift ideas out of him, here you'll find a number of creative and unique gift ideas to hopefully help you in your search for the perfect gift for Dad.

The Handyman

Handymen can be tricky to shop for because it often seems like they already have any tool you could possibly think of. Try to look for universal tools that will allow your handyman to accomplish multiple tasks without having to switch between tools like this universal socket! Or gift him something that will help make those tiny details of a repair job go smoother like these fingerless LED flashlight gloves so he doesn't have to juggle a flashlight or this magnetic wristband so he never drops another screw!

The Adventurer

Maybe you have a guy in your life who likes to rough it. There are lots of fun, outdoorsy gadgets and gear that make the perfect present for someone who likes to get out and feel at one with nature. You can go with something useful like a water purifying straw or a dry bag. Or you could go the more relaxing route with a hammock!

The Dog Dad

Dog dads deserve some recognition too! Show your pup-loving guy your appreciation with a K-9 focused gifts! Your dog dad will love waking up to a nice cup of coffee in his new mug, heading to the dog park to play with his best bud, and them settling in for some puppy cuddles in his new doggie pjs!

The Foodie or The Chef

Whether your dad loves to cook or just loves to eat, consider a food-related gift for father's day! My husband, Nathan, and I both really love new kitchen gadgets so here are a few favorites that we've gifted or have received over the years:

We received an electric salt and pepper mill set for our wedding and it was something we never knew we needed! Now we can have freshly ground black pepper or Himalayan pink salt with every meal at the press of a button.

Nathan loves to make homemade whipped cream so last Valentine's Day I got him a professional whipped cream dispenser. Now we can have delicious homemade whipped cream super fast and it'll keep a little longer too! Don't forget the N2O chargers!

Maybe your dad is in search of some new, tasty recipes! One of my favorite cook books is Alton Brown's EveryDayCook. It not only has great recipes, but Alton goes into the science behind cooking which is really interesting to read.

The New Dad

If you have a dad in your life celebrating his first Father's day, you may be feeling a little extra pressure to find a really special gift. Why not get him something really heartfelt like a map of the night sky from the night of his child's birth? Or if his child hasn't arrived just yet, you can still give a really meaningful gift featuring the heartbeat of his baby like this art or this bracelet! You can always go the more humorous/cute route with a matching daddy and me outfit or a book of dad jokes to get him started!

The Tired Dad

If you have a dad who is always reaching for that second cup of coffee or is badly in need of a restful Father's Day, get him more than just a new mug to enjoy his coffee in. Why not add a mug warmer to keep that cup at the perfect temp? Or let Dad take it easy for the day in a comfy set of jammies and cozy slippers.

The Stylish Dad

If you're shopping for a real man of style this Father's Day, take this opportunity to help him elevate his look with a personalized pair of cufflinks. If he has facial hair, opt for a beard grooming set. Or mix up his normally flawless look with a funky pair of socks.

The Tech-Obsessed

It can be hard to find the right gift for your tech-savvy dad if you're not well versed in technology yourself. But there are some "safe" tech gifts that are sure to be appreciated. You can never have enough chargers for your devices and a wireless option is even better! Check out this wireless charger or go all out with this wireless charging station for a convenient way for Dad to store and charge his gadgets. Just make sure everything is compatible with his devices before you buy.

One gadget my tech-y husband LOVES is this little adapter that allows him to connect to basically whatever device he needs to. He says it's perfect in emergencies when he needs to present something in a meeting, but doesn't necessarily know what devices he'll be trying to display something on or work with.

If you really aren't sure what device or gadget the dad in your life would want, you can't go wrong with extra storage. We could all use more storage and this 2 terabyte external hard drive should do the trick! The best part? It's super small and portable!

The Brainiac

A brainiac dad can be fun to shop for! There's lots of challenging games and puzzles out there any smartypants would enjoy and that are fun for the whole family! You can go with a book of brainteasers and riddles or you can get him an extremely difficult puzzle that'll keep him thinking for hours if not days! If you're looking for a gift to double as an activity for the day, check out this escape room game! It's recommended you have 2-8 players ages 13+ and will get everyone thinking and working together to escape and win the game!

The Sentimental

Maybe you're thinking all these gifts are nice, but you're looking for something a little more sentimental this year. Something really beautiful that would be cherished for years to come is having an illustrated portrait done of your family. There are many artists and styles you can pick from, but here's one of my favorites.

A cute and heartfelt gift for a dad with little ones is a set of matching World's Greatest Dad/Kid hats! It's something they'll be able to wear and enjoy together for a long time.

One final gift idea I'll leave you with is something not many people think of while shopping for Dad or men in general and that is a beautiful floral arrangement. You don't have to go with the same soft and pink flowers you may have bought your mom on Mother's Day, but I think flowers can make anyone feel special and not enough men are given flowers. There are many florists available if you are gifting them to someone far away, but if you're able to, I encourage you to shop local for your flowers. They'll be guaranteed to be fresh and you'll be supporting a talented artist in your area!

Men can be really hard to shop for and it can be especially difficult when looking for the right gift to show your appreciation to those really special fathers in your life. I hope this list has helped you find the perfect gift for Dad or at least gotten those wheels turning and I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day!


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