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Favorite Apps for Creators

I'm always looking for a new editing or planning app to make my digital life easier. I get asked a lot about what apps I use for my video editing in particular so I thought I'd put it all in one place and help make your life a little easier too! Below is a breakdown of the apps I use regularly for my Instagram and blog. Most are free or have free options, but I'll let you know which ones I think are worth paying for.


This one might be pretty obvious. I use the (free) Lightroom Mobile App for all my photo edits. It's fairly straightforward to operate and very organized and there are countless presets you can purchase for it if you really want to streamline your editing process.

You can check out my Lightroom presets here!


I know, I know, everyone uses Canva. But I still love PicMonkey and use it regularly for graphics and more detailed photo touchups. They do have an app, but I think the actual website is much more useful. Some of their features are free and some require a membership. I've had a PicMonkey membership for years and have always thought it was worth it.

InShot and Splice

These are the two apps I do most of my video editing in. They're fairly equal, but I like InShot more than Splice. They're simple to use and have a lot of great features.


I payed to get rid of the watermark with this one because I use it so often. CutStory basically chops up really long videos for you to use on different platforms. For example, if I want to share a video over a minute long in stories, this app will save it for me as perfect 15 second clips I can then upload to my stories.

CapCut and Videoleap

These are newer to me, so I'm still paying around with them, but they both have some pretty cool video editing features you might like too.


I don't use a planning app currently, but when I did, Planoly was the one I liked. I stopped because it glitched on me a couple times and I lost some work and got really annoyed. It also wouldn't show videos in my feed so it wasn't the best for planning my grid. I liked the app for the most part, but it was a little too unreliable and became too much extra work for me. I'd love to find a really good new planning app, but I've yet to find one I think is worth using. I do plan my content in Google Calendar, but everything is posted manually.

I'll update this list as I find more apps I like. If I missed any, let me know in the comments! I love trying out new tools that help me streamline my work!

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