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Fall Home Tour

It's finally fall!!! Probably my favorite season all around, but definitely my favorite season to decorate for. I’ve been busy busy busy getting my house all decked out for the season and I figured I’d give you a little tour of what I’m doing this year.

For me, autumn is all about warm tones, lots of layering, elements of nature, and tons of texture. And of course, spooky touches, but we'll get to that later. The ultimate goal is coziness and creating a warm and inviting space for the cooler months and visiting guests that will be here before you know it!

I think it’s helpful to have a focal point in my seasonal decor. For winter it’s my Christmas tree and for fall it’s my table. So much of fall revolves around food and gathering together so I wanted to put a lot of focus on making my table a bright and happy place to spend time. I think the key to the perfect fall table is texture and layering.

Stacking chargers, plates, napkins, bowls, etc. will give you some height and dimension. Every added layer will give your table a more upscale look.

As for texture, I’m not just talking about linens. Yes, I have a table runner and napkins, but I’ve also utilized texture through my wispy flowers, waxy apples, glossy pumpkins, and even the pattern on my dishes. Fabrics are a great way to bring texture to your decor, but don’t rule out the impact other textures can have in a space.

My table may be my focal point, but I’ve added a touch of fall to just about every space I possibly could! From the front door to the bathroom; if you come to my house, you will feel fall! One of my favorite parts of decorating is walking around my house and popping little pieces of interest here and there. Switching out my door mat, hanging a couple accessories on a coat hook that bring attention to the colors I'm using, setting out my fall candles and mugs. I live for the details! It's fun to go big in a space, but stashing little hints of fall around your house will make the whole place feel special and festive.

While the whole house has a bit of fall, most of it is focused in the living room. Extra pillows (some handmade), a vibrant, textured throw blanket, and an eerie gallery wall. The perfect room to curl up with a favorite book and a warm mug.

I've filled the room with a lot of neutrals and wood tones so when I do add colors like oranges, magentas, plums, etc. they make an even bigger impact. Decorating for the holidays isn't necessarily about filling your space with a lot of extra stuff, but rather knowing how to make the additions or tweaks you make to your space stand out.

Finally, the space I’m most excited to share with you has been in the making for quite some time, and happened to come together right as fall is starting which is so perfect.

Over the summer, I acquired a huge stash of windows, a couple of which were massive. I was SO inspired the moment I saw them and have finally made my vision a reality! I hung one window on a very large wall in the middle of our house that has been a struggle for us to decorate. I framed it with a couple of my vintage floral branches and it transformed our big, blank wall into a statement piece for our house.

Some of you may know I’ve painted a few windows in the past and I intend to do a lot more in the future. I’ve painted a quote from the movie Practical Magic to start off the fall season, but my favorite part about this wall is that I can switch up the quote whenever I want! I have more designs planned for fall and am already starting to think about how I’ll transform this wall for Christmas and spring and so much more!

I’ve been having so much fun making my house extra cozy and a tad spooky for the fall season and I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative with your decor as well! There are so many different ways to bring the warmth of fall into a home! I LOVE seeing everyone's unique take on it and really enjoyed giving you a peek at mine.

So think comfy, think cozy, go crazy with texture and layers, embrace fun colors, and get a little spooky! Happy fall and happy decorating everyone!

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