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25 Perfect Christmas Gifts

I don't want to freak you out, but Christmas is coming fast. If you're like me, there's still a few people left on your list that are a little tricky to shop for. Here's some things I've either gotten and love, have given to someone else, or that are on my personal wishlist this year. And everything should arrive in time for Christmas! (Depending on when you're reading this of course.)

If you see something that would be perfect for Christmas, just tap to shop!

1. I have this and it's my favorite blanket. It's super soft, comes in so many sizes, and the larger sizes have two remotes to customize temperature for a shared blanket.

Use the code "WOOMER4MARIAH" to save 18% on your order!

2. I got this for Nathan a couple years ago and it still works like a dream! We love whipped cream and homemade is the best. (Don't forget the N2O cartridges)

3. You might recognize these from my Instagram feed. So cute and so many colors!

4. I love a statement earring and think both these are so beautiful!

5. I have a set of this mercury glass garland in champagne and think this pink is to die for! (You can find more neutral colors through this link as well.)

6. Emmitt loves this Goodnight Yoga book. It's a great way to help him wind down for bedtime. And there's a Good Morning Yoga too!

7. Another idea you might've seen on the gram, this plaid pajama set from Target.

Might want to size up on the top if you don't like the cropped look.

8. One of my personal favorite design books. So much inspiration and the perfect gift for any decor lover!

9. A book on my own list this year is Liz Marie Galvan's Cozy White Cottage Seasons. I loved her first book and am very much looking forward to reading this one.

10. Emmitt and Isla both love this adorable peek-a-boo bear and have other animals very similar to it too. It's so precious to watch them play with and a pretty unique gift to give.

11. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is writing down our Holiday memories in this book. The prompts are so easy to fill out and I can't wait to look back over all the special moments in the future.

12. We received an electric salt and pepper mill set as a wedding gift and have been hooked ever since.

13. Another kitchen toy we love and use often is our air fryer. This small version would make a great gift and it comes in lots of stylish colors!

14. If you're shopping for a kid, these dinosaurs are sure to be a hit. Emmitt got a set just like this for his birthday and we all had so much fun building, taking apart, and rebuilding the dinos.

15. Another gift the kids got this year was a water coloring mat. It's the perfect indoor activity for winter and there's no paint or marker mess to clean up after!

16. This beautiful bunny would look amazing in any nursery or little girl's room and be a really special keepsake. Isla has an extremely similar one from the same company and it's my favorite to set out in her room as decor.

17. I get a lot of questions about my KitchenAid mixer bowl and this is it! I absolutely love it and they make lots of pretty patterns and designs to match any kitchen style. It's something any baker would absolutely adore!

18. If you're shopping for someone who loves to cook, this recipe book is a very special one to give. It's by the same author as the Christmas memory book I mentioned above and is a perfect way to keep track of those cherished family recipes.

19. I think these frames are so pretty and if you're gifting them to someone close to you, it would be such a sweet touch to include special photos of the two of you.

20. Babies can be tricky to shop for. A great gift to give a baby is tools to make Mom and Dad's lives easier! Nathan and I love divided plates with suction bottoms for our kids. Helps contain mess and make mealtime easy.

21. Another great baby gift would be a baby-proof photo album that can be filled with all their special people, especially the ones that live far away.

22. It's winter. I'm sure we could all show a little extra love to our dry skin right now. This is my current favorite moisturizer. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and smells amazing!

23. If you're shopping for a frequent traveler, you can't go wrong with a new toiletry bad, a stylish weekender bag, or maybe a jewelry box to keep things organized when they're away from home.

24. Plants are having a huge decor moment right now so gift your loved one a pretty planter to help bring the outdoors in!

25. And if you really don't know what to get someone, a candle is always a solid option.


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