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Going Batty

Every now and then, I thrift something I really shouldn't have. Sometimes I'm able to just re-donate my mistakes and put the past behind me, but other times...I like to turn those mistakes into Halloween decor.

I bought this caged chandelier on Facebook Marketplace for way more than I should have. I must have imagined it going in Isla's fairytale bedroom, but I still don't think I totally thought that plan through because the cage is pretty tall and the chandelier isn't even wired. I've had this piece in storage until I recently got an idea of how to repurpose it for spooky season.

I started by removing the chandelier and a little jeweled piece that had been fastened to the front of the cage door. Then I sprayed the entire cage black.

I was going to cage a crow or raven at first, but wanted something a little more unique so I searched far and wide online for the perfect bat to imprison. It needed to be just the right size, in a hanging position, and not too scary. I was going for creepy over horror. I found just the right one at Joann Fabrics. I got lucky finding a bat that came with a perch so I just hung him from where the chandelier had been.

As a finishing touch, I draped a black shawl over his cage to dress him up a little bit and give a slight Victorian feel.

Maybe it's just me, but I like this thing way better as a bat cage than as a chandelier cage. The imperfection of the cage fits the vibe and it's a fun piece to display for the Halloween season and pack away when it's done. Maybe next year I'll add more cages and creatures to my collection like spiders, rats, carnivorous plants, etc. I'll have a whole spooky zoo to show you!


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