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Growing Up

It's official, Isla is growing up. She said goodbye to her crib and I've been in the process of transforming her nursery into a big girl room. At the moment, it feels like the furniture is in a constant rotation around her tiny space and everything else is in a jumbled limbo until I can settle on what goes where and what still belongs in this room.

I do think I figured out one wall and it just so happens to be one of the best in the house so let's take a look.

I hung some beautiful wallpaper from Photowall last spring which you can read all about here. It’s been an absolutely perfect addition to her whimsical, fairytale bedroom which made it an easy spot to get inspired with.

(watch the wallpaper transformation here.)

In the nursery there wasn't much going on along this wall, just a rocking chair and open space to play.

In the new, big girl room, I centered her orange bookcase on the wall and filled it with vintage fairytale and nursery rhyme books. Isla is a huge bookworm and never goes to bed with any less than three books to flip through while she falls asleep.

I love the swan bookends that used to sit on this shelf, but I really wanted to stick to warm tones so I switched them with gold dragon bookends instead.

Here's a quick peek at the before:

The dragons used to be Nathan's when he was younger, but he gave me permission to give them a makeover so we can use them in Isla's room. I grabbed the big dragon skull from HomeGoods last Halloween and painted it gold to match.

A vintage floral basket that used to hold diaper supplies now houses a few of her favorite dolls and stuffed animals so she can easily find them and put them away herself.

I’m so hesitant to put any nails in this wallpaper because of how often I change my mind about my decor so I just leaned a couple favorite pieces of artwork on top of the bookcase. A vintage May botanical print and a stunning embroidered scene from the 70’s.

Still need to add photos to her little gold frames.

To finish it off and balance things out, I added a musical merry go round that I bought for Isla before she was born.

I’ll show you more of this transforming space as I figure it out, but for now, this one styled wall is giving me all kinds of inspiration for the rest of the room and how to turn it into a more grown-up, but just as whimsical space.


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