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Halloween Clipboard Wall

Over the summer, one of my favorite thrift stores had a massive sale on books. It was clear someone with an extensive collection had passed and their entire library had been donated leaving the thrift shop with boxes upon boxes of books to sell. (Honestly, that's gonna be what happens when I die too. I have way too many books.) The sale was something like fill a bag and pay $10 or just grab however many you want for $10. So obviously, I went home with a bunch of books that day. One of which was a copy of Gray's Anatomy from 1977. Once I saw those anatomy drawings, I knew exactly how I wanted to use this book.

I've waited months and the time has finally come for... a Halloween clipboard wall.

I wanted to have some fun with the clipboard wall for the holiday without going too scary or creepy for the sake of the toddlers. An apothecary theme seemed like the perfect fit and gave me an excuse to pull out my mortar and pestle collection too.

Thankfully the toddlers approve and think the skulls are pretty cool and I love how the neutral color scheme works with the rest of our home and holiday decorations.

If you're curious as to how my clipboard wall is hung, check out the article, "How's It Hanging?" where I go into detail on the clipboard wall as well as other walls and features I get asked that question about a lot.


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