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Halloween Decor Tricks

I showed you how I bring fall into my home and now it's time to get a little spooky! Some people decorate for fall, some for halloween, and some do a "Falloween" hybrid. I like to do Falloween with a twist. I start out with fall and maybe a few halloween touches here or there. Then once October hits, I bring out all my fun halloween decor. After Halloween I transition to a true fall look for Thanksgiving. You don't need a ton of decor to accomplish this, you just need to know how to best utilize what you already have or figure out what pieces to invest in that will make the greatest impact in your home. I've put together a list of seven Halloween decorating tricks to get you started and to help you elevate your holiday look as a whole.


There are a lot of ways to do Halloween. Traditional, Silly Scary, Witchy, Vintage, Horror, the list goes on and on. Identifying a theme for your vision early on will help your design to stay cohesive. You don't want a house of oddball items that looks like the Halloween aisle on November 1st! You also don't want to spend money on items you don't end up using or that look completely out of place in your space. Decide on the look you're going for and stick to it!


Pumpkins make great decor for both fall AND Halloween! They're big enough to make a statement, come in a variety of shapes and colors, and are super cost effective. Jack-o-lanterns give off a more Halloween vibe than just regular pumpkins, but either work.


Adding an unexpected, creepy or weird twist to everyday items in your home is a really fun way to celebrate Halloween. Is there a trail of little plastic cockroaches crawling across your wall? Or maybe your refrigerator is now sporting a giant pair of googly eyes? If there’s a witch’s hat hanging by your door or a giant spider lurking in your bathroom, you definitely know how to add a fun, but simple Halloween touch to your home! One extremely easy way I gave my home an unexpected, creepy look this year was by flipping one of my paintings upside down. The smallest change like this is all it takes to make guests take a second look trying to find figure out why something seems off!


You don’t have to go overboard with this one, but adding fun Halloween details here and there is a great way to incorporate the holiday throughout your home. These details can range from obvious Halloween decorations to apothecary-style bottles or jars, to vintage books. One of my favorite simple details to add is extra candles. I usually add a candle to any available surface this time of year!


Have one spot in your house be a unmistakably big Halloween focal point. Somewhere that won’t go unnoticed and screams “Happy Halloween!” It can be a decked out mantle, a fun tablescape, your front door or your porch (great for trick or treaters), or even a Halloween tree! (It’s like a Christmas tree, but for Halloween. Trust me, it’s a thing.) We did up our front door this year for a contest in our neighborhood so that’s definitely a focal point. Inside however, I’m utilizing my new window decor for lots of spooky sayings and creepy illustrations.


Almost any vibrant color can work for Halloween. Traditional orange and black, rich purples, deep reds, even bright blues and greens. If you’re not going with traditional candy corn type colors, I think the secret to making your color choices work for Halloween is to be intentional and bold! This is the time to use crazy colors you might otherwise never use. Have fun with it!


Speaking of....have fun with it! Halloween is all about fun. Be goofy, be scary, transform your house into something totally different and unique! Enjoy the one month of the year when the weirder it is, the better!

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