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Holiday Decor Hack

I got this holiday hack from my grandmother-in-law. The first time I visited her home for Christmas, she had ever single picture on her walls wrapped up in gift wrap and tied with a bow. I thought it was such a cute idea.

This year I'm copying her because some of my art just does not go with my Christmas decor. The large mermaid in my living room is hung in such a prominent place right next to the Christmas tree and I don't love how they look together. But rather than moving her or painting a new design, I'm just going to wrap her up in a pretty paper for the holidays.

I searched for the perfect paper to accompany my Christmas style this year. If you're looking to wrap up some of your art too, I found my favorite papers at Target, TJ Maxx, and The Hallmark Store and ultimately went with a Target paper. I also considered going with plain brown paper and dressing it up with a pretty ribbon.

My paper was the tiniest bit too narrow for my window, but I think it's a close enough fit. I taped the paper to the top and bottom of the window frame and added a couple clear pieces along the sides.

Then I added contrasting green ribbon and hot glued it to the edges of my paper. I finished it off with a big bow which I also secured with a little hot glue. To get the tails of my bow to lay open, I put a dab of hot glue on each side and let the rest of the ribbon fall naturally.

This is such a great holiday hack if you feel like your artwork clashes with your Christmas stuff. Its really quick and easy and even easier to remove once the holidays are over!

If you want to do this in your home, here's the paper I used and some other pretty ones I considered


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