Home Buying: How to Write an Amazing Letter to a Seller

If you didn't hear, we bought our first home!! We are beyond excited and it was a whirlwind of an experience with everything else going on this year. We actually didn't plan for this to be the year we purchased a home. We thought we would rent for one more year and then start our home search, but things just all came together at the right time and we went for it! We found ourselves in an insane market with a very short supply of houses that were being snatched up like crazy! We were literally on our way to see two houses (that went on the market that morning) when they went pending. We made three (very good, over asking price) offers on houses before finding our home and missed out each time. To say things were competitive is an understatement.

When we saw what would become our new home, we knew we wanted to make a spectacular offer, but we also wanted to stand out from other buyers and give ourselves every advantage we could so we wrote a personal letter to the seller about how much we loved their home.

Ok, if I'm being honest, we did this for each house we made an offer on. But each time I received excellent feedback from anyone who read my letter! The seller's agent (of the home we did buy) said several times that our letter was a big deciding factor for our sellers and that they were really touched by it. So a personal letter isn't guaranteed to get you any house you want, but it definitely doesn't hurt. A lot of homeowners do care about who will be living in their home next and this is a great way to give them some peace of mind about who will be living in their home next.

I'll show you the letter that won over our sellers (minus some personal info) and give you a few tips for writing your own as well! Keep in mind, this isn't the sort of letter you can just copy/paste. It has to be personal to you and the home you want or it will read as forced and fake and work against you.

I knew what I wanted to write to the sellers, but I also researched other seller letters and added fun, personal components I found to make the letter a little more interesting and unique than just a formal letter. For those wondering, I used PicMonkey.com to make my letter.

Let's break it down:

Family Intro

It can be a little weird to know that the place you've called home for a long time will soon be in the hands of strangers. So I wanted to make us not strangers. I wanted our letter to mainly focus on the house and the love and care the sellers had poured into it, but I also wanted them to feel good about who they were choosing to care for the home next.

This also gave us the opportunity to play up the cuteness factor with two little ones and a puppy which didn't hurt! I later found out that our sellers had bought this home when they were first starting their family 15 or so years ago and they were thrilled it could be the starter home for another young, growing family.

What We Love