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Homes for the Holidays

If you've got a super good memory, you'll recognize this little iron door stopper as my first thrifty purchase of 2023. I bought it off Facebook Marketplace during a thrift budget challenge and have been excitedly holding on to it for my Christmas decor ever since.

It's obviously seen better days so a makeover is definitely in order. The little row of houses reminds me a lot of the cute townhomes you see in a lot of Anthropologie or even recent Target Christmas decor. I wanted to keep the design Christmas-y but add a little more whimsy and charm so I swapped the bright red, green, and yellow color scheme for pastels and an array of whites and creams to brighten it all up.

It took a lot of trial and error to find colors that I liked and that I thought worked together. I was originally going to go with a much more colorful selection, but each paint dried very differently on the iron than on my original swatches and the piece really didn't feel right until I'd repainted each house about three times. It took a bit to get there, but I think the end result is pretty cute!

I'm debating adding a little glitter to the snow to really make it glisten. What do you think?


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