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Horse Shirt Details

Every time I wear this outfit, I get so many compliments and questions on it. The shirt is thrifted and has no label, but there was so much interest in it in a couple recent videos, I thought I'd break down the look and give you some sources to similar items.

Closest Match

Be warned, if these are in fact my exact shirt, the quality won't be great, but you'll look very cute.

The Vibe

These obviously aren't the shirt, but I love the equestrian and western vibe they're all giving.

Complete the Look

I paired my top with a pair of gingham capris. Here are a few similar options, but I also see this style all the time while thrifting if you want to shop secondhand.

Don't forget the shoes! The first is what I wore and the other two I just think would look good.

Add a leather belt, a cute vintage purse, and some milkmaid braids and you're good to go!


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