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Hostess Gifts That Aren't Overdone

Sometimes I feel like I've given the same few hostess gifts over and over again. They're good gifts, but they're a little overdone so this year I searched for some different ideas and ways to put a new spin on those "overdone" gifts. Here's what I came up with:

I encourage you to shop local and shop small for your gifts, but if you see something on this list you really like, just tap the picture and it'll take you to the link.

Specialty coffee grounds or hot cocoa mix

If you really want to step it up, include a french press or seasonal mug.

Pretty coasters

Useful for parties and something they probably wont be given by another guest.

Recipe box or book

If your host is one who LOVES to cook and entertain, give them a beautiful place to store all their best recipes. I have the recipe book below and I can't recommend it enough!

Cheese board or serving platter

Bring something that can be used at the party and for many more to come! If you aren't sure of their style, go with a neutral look.

Board game

Why not give a gift that can be enjoyed by everyone? I've included a couple classic and a couple modern games.

Candle and candle care kit

Okay, a candle is something I would definitely consider an "overdone" gift, but I still included it on this list because it's always a safe choice and sometimes you need that. Here are a couple of my personal favorites. And if you want to add a little something extra, give them a candle care kit too!


Just about every town has a great little chocolate shop, so if you can, shop local for this one. But here are a couple awesome choices if you just want to order something.

Cake stand

Much like the serving trays mentioned above, just with a sweeter twist.

Gift giving is one of my favorite parts of the holidays so I usually like to keep a few extra gifts like these on hand for last minute gatherings or just in case. I've got a few more gift ideas for this holiday season so stick around for another list coming soon!


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