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How To Edit A Space

A new year is a perfect time for a new start and refreshing a room is a perfect indoor winter activity. Here's my method for resetting a space without getting overwhelmed and without having to go out and buy all new decor.

  • Decide on a look for your space. What do you want to change about it? What direction are you hoping to go in? Is there a specific color scheme you're switching to? etc. Having an idea of what you want will help the process go a lot faster. Try searching for some inspiration pictures on Pinterest before you start.

  • Gather those inspiration pictures or inspiration pieces if you're inspired by something you want to include in the room like artwork or a rug. Set them in the space somewhere that you can build a pile around or near them of other things you want to have in the space. Doing this can help you stay focused as you go and quickly decide if other items coordinate with your "keep" pile.

  • Undo your room. Go through everything and decide if it still belongs in the space, should be donated, or if you want to restyle it in a different room in your home. I suggest taking everything off your walls, shelves, etc. and putting it all in a big pile to help you sort through and really analyze each piece separate from the original space and how you're used to seeing it.

  • Break up this project. Tackling an entire space in one day can be daunting. Build in breaks for yourself and even mini motivators. For example: "After I put my stuff into piles, I'm going to take a snack break or go for a walk. When I come back I'll have fresh eyes and my next step is already set up for me to start."

  • After you've gone through your space and made cuts, it's time to decorate! I like to start with items I like the most and things I have a specific place in mind for.

  • Get your donate pile out of your house (and your car) as soon as possible. Don't let that clutter stay in your life!

  • If I'm ever unsure of a design choice, I just live with it for a day or two and try to be conscious of the change any time I'm walking past it. Do I like this? Should I move it a little to the left? Maybe the colors are too dark for the space? Give yourself some time to think, anything can be changed if you don't love it.

  • Lastly, you don't have to have everything you're wanting for your space all at once. Curating a home takes time so make a list of items you'd like to incorporate when you can or when you find them. Enjoy the process of creating your space.


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