How to Recover a Chair

Recovering chairs is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to update your kitchen or dining room. My kitchen table and chairs came with our home and, while they looked perfectly fine on their own, they majorly clashed with my decor style and had felt out of place since we moved in.

Here's a look at what the chairs looked like originally.

While my mom was visiting, she painted the chairs and table base black for me which helped a lot, but that bold, blue fabric still wasn't working.

I headed to good ol' Joann Fabrics in search of the perfect neutral to replace the blue. I knew these wouldn't be my "forever" chairs so I didn't want to pick something I absolutely loved. I know I'll be parting with them in the next couple years, but I still want to like them while I have them. I found this great, textured, durable, striped fabric for about $10 per yard and knew immediately it was the one! Pretty, neutral, and inexpensive! But nothing I can't part with someday.

Like I said, recovering a chair is really easy. Here's a list of all the tools you'll need to recover a chair: