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I Let Alexa Dress Me For A Week

One evening, in a moment of despair as I was prepping for the next day, I asked Alexa, "what should I wear tomorrow?". I'm not sure what I was expecting, but she gave me a surprisingly detailed outfit idea. I went with it and then got the idea to do this for a whole week and rate Alexa's outfit choices. Let's see how she did and if I'll be repeating any of these looks in the future.

Day One:

Alexa suggested a leather skirt, short sleeve shirt, and tennis shoes.

I swapped the shoes for my old pair of black Converse. I think this outfit is pretty cute, but nothing remarkable.

Rating: I'm giving this a 6/10. It's a solid look that relies a lot on closet basics and the look could be easily changed up depending on the tee shirt design.

Will I wear it again? Yes or something similar

Day Two: It was a hot day and Alexa chose cutoff shorts, a white shirt, and a white clutch.

Cutoff shorts aren't my favorite, but I do really like the neutrals here and the high-low pairing on the clutch to dress things up a bit.

Rating: I wouldn't have picked this out myself, but I like it a lot, 8/10

Will I wear it again? Yes, but with different shorts

Day Three: Thunderstorms were in the forecast for today and Alexa thought I should spend the day at home in a cozy, matching pj set. She told me not to forget my slippers. I did end up changing out of this ensemble, because I did, in fact, have places to be that day.

Rating: 10/10. I love a matching pj set and I'll take any excuse to wear my yellow bunny slippers.

Will I wear it again? Absolutely

Day Four: Another oddly specific look, Alexa told me to wear a dark, floral midi dress with white shoes or boots. I don't know if she meant white boots or boots in general, but this was basically an exact outfit I'd included in last month's issue so I just wore that look again.

Rating: This look totally matches my style, 10/10

Will I wear it again? Definitely

Day Five: My luck ran out on this day. She told me to wear nylon in pastel colors... I don't have anything close to that. I asked her again and she said jeans, a tank, and a gold chain necklace.

Rating: This one gets a 7/10. Its definitely something I would wear and it's made up of pieces I love, but for whatever reason, I'm bored by this look. Maybe I've just worn it too many times already.

Will I wear it again? Probably

Day Six: Today Alexa picked out a denim skirt and white button down shirt for a "classic pairing". Nathan thought this one was pretty cute, but I wasn't feeling it. The more I saw this outfit that day and looking back at the picture now, It does look really put together and nice. I want to say I'd wear it again, but I know know.

Rating: 5/10

Will I wear it again? We'll see

Day Seven: Alexa was feeling specific again. Trousers, a black sweatshirt, and an oversized coat. I think Alexa wanted me to choose a looser trouser, but it just felt a little weird to me. I could totally see some cool girl on Pinterest wearing this, but it didn't look right on me. This was surprisingly the look my family made fun of the most. They said I looked like I was going out for a jog and then to solve crimes in the rain.

Rating: This look was all over the place. 3/10

Will I wear it again? If I ever make detective, most definitely.

This was a really fun little experiment and it was kind of nice not to figure out my own outfits, yet still be able to put my own creative spin on them. If you're ever at a loss for what to wear, Alexa makes a pretty good stylist.


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