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Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2022

We're entering a new year and that means new trends for colors, styles, and the look of our homes. Today I'll be sharing a few observations on current trends, styles that are on their way out, and where we're headed in the year to come.

Please don't take any of these opinions too personally. If you love something I say is going out of style, you should definitely still incorporate it in your design because it makes you happy! It's more important to create a space that feels like home than it is to follow trends.

Making a Comeback

2021 fashion trends centered around a revival of the 90's and Y2K. We also saw the 60's and 70's make a huge appearance. I predict we'll see these fashion eras making their way into our home decor in 2022. Making a comeback will be traditional, french country, and shabby chic decor styles that were all popular in the early 2000's.


It's no secret that traditional or classic decor is making its way back into the mainstream. It's been slowly becoming more and more popular over the last year and a half and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. There's a reason it's called traditional after all, It's a timeless look that works well in a lot of different spaces and combined with other styles too. Pair it with Shabby Chic for a homey, southern comfort vibe, or with ArtDeco for an elevated look. Here's a few examples of traditional styles I think will be big this year.

French Country

French country has never gone out of style, but I predict we're going to see a lot more of it in the next couple years. I'm very excited for this because it's one of my favorite design styles. It beautifully incorporates intricate patterns, flowing shapes, and feminine colors. Here are a few examples of modern, french country spaces.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic was all the rage in the early 2000's. A big trend in 2020 and 2021 was Cottagecore which is why I think we'll soon see a comeback for the shabby chic style. It's french country meets farmhouse with lots of feminine twists like pink-y reds, florals, chippy white furniture, and ruffles and lace. The shabby chic we saw on just about every design show in the early 2000's was very feminine, but I think what we'll see this time around is a more masculine version of the style which I personally can't wait to see!

On it's way out


I'm sorry to say it, but I also know I'm not the only one saying it either... farmhouse had a good go, but it's going. The farmhouse and modern farmhouse styles have been king for almost 10 years now! We've seen it transform in different ways over the years, but I predict it's about to be bumped down a few spots on the list of trending decor. If you live on an actual farm, I think your farmhouse styled home will still look very appropriate and stylish. But for the rest of us, it's going to start dating our homes. It won't look bad, farmhouse is still a very pretty style, but it's become so mainstream that it's started to look a little generic and is a definite indicator of when you decorated your space.

The good news is, a big component of the farmhouse style is neutrals and neutrals are easy to transform. You can bring in a few traditional style pieces and have a totally updated space in no time!

If you really love that rustic look, maybe opt for European Farmhouse to get a hint of that french country style like some of these spaces.


The concepts behind minimalism like simplifying your life and finding joy outside of material things are here to stay. What's leaving is those sleek, pristine, interiors with little to no color, shape, or personality. Can those spaces be calming and clutter-free? Absolutely! But we've been cooped up inside of these spaces for far too long during the pandemic and I think we've realized the importance of a space that feels inviting, cozy, and reflects who we are as individuals or as a family. I don't think these minimalist homes will suddenly be all decked out in a maximalist style, but I think carefully choosing a few meaningful items to display in these spaces can bring more joy and life into once blank rooms.

White Accents

White isn't going out of style per se, but it's being replaced as our go-to accent color. White trim and accents are timeless and if you decide to stick with them, you won't be committing any design faux pas, but darker and moodier decor has been gaining in popularity over the last couple years. Before, if you wanted to spruce up your kitchen, redo a dresser, or add some decor pieces to your space the "correct" color to pick was white. Now you may want to think about grabbing a gallon of black paint to have on hand for those design projects.

"Fast" Furniture

The shift away from quickly produced, poor quality items has been growing in the world of fashion and other material goods and our furniture and decor pieces are no different. People are becoming more conscious of how our possessions are produced and what kind of impact that has on the world around us. Rather than buying cheaply manufactured items that won't even last 10 years, invest a little more in quality pieces that you know are built to last. You'll be able to use them for however long you want or know that when you're done with a piece, it'll retain some sort of resell value you can get back later. If you feel like you can't afford these brands and styles, shop secondhand and repaint or refinish to match the look you want. I've been able to find a lot of beautiful pieces that didn't even need refinishing for less than I would've paid for something new at a "fast furniture" store. via thrifting and Facebook Marketplace.

Cute Boho

Boho is not going out of style, but one version of boho that has been very trendy is quickly on its way out. We'll see less of the tan and pink, bubbly, geometric, modern boho style and more of an earthy, grown-up look. Think lots of deep, moody earth tones, natural fibers and elements, handmade instead of mass-produced items, and a lot of up-cycled and vintage pieces in the mix. We're over the cutesy boho look and ready for something more.



I want to say it again... if you love a decor style, stick with it! If it makes your space feel like home and brings you and your family happiness, don't change a thing. Trends will come and go and it's ok to follow them or to ignore them and do your own thing.

I'm excited to see what the new year brings, what people create, and how our spaces evolve with us.

Happy New Year!


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