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Junk I Found This Week

I was able to hit up a few shops this week with Emmitt and my Mother-in-law and even though we didn't find a ton, we had. blast looking! Here's a look at some of my thrifted and vintage finds from the week.

Storage for Emmitt's Room

This little cabinet is the perfect project piece! A little sanding and a little paint and it'll be ready to go. I'm thinking yellow for the color and it'll be used to hide away clothes or toys in Emmitt's room.


I always keep an eye out for vintage silverware and these were some pretty finds.

More E's

Will the E wall ever be finished? I'm not sure. I was happy to find these tiny guys that I can probably squeeze in somewhere. Emmitt found the blue!

Metal Swan

I showed off this swan in my stories and it got a ton of love! She's gorgeous as is, but I think she'll fit better with my decor if I make her gold with a little Rub n Buff

Anthro Pants

I am super hesitant to buy pants if I can't try them on, but I spotted these pants in passing at Goodwill, saw they were Anthropologie and my size and decided to give them a chance. They fit great and I LOVE them! I'll show them off in a thrift try-on soon!

Beaded Dress

Am I crazy for getting this dress? Maybe. But I'ma sucker for beading and I'm a sucker for an original price tag. The beading is so good and I think this dress could be something amazing with a few alterations. Definitely need to get rid of those shoulder pads. And like I said, it still had the tag on it. The original price? $200!!!

Belle Bells

This is probably my favorite find from the week. I spotted them on an IG friend's live thrift and fell in love! She was nice enough to grab them for me and they're even better in person! These little brass ladies are actually bells. The details are so perfect and they make the prettiest sounds. I love finding things that are just different.

I had some pretty exciting and unexpected finds this week and I had a great time getting out there and searching for treasures with my family. Watch my stories on Instagram throughout the week if you want to stay up to date on my thrifting adventures and stop by the blog next week for another roundup of all my favorite vintage and thrifted treasures!


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