Junk I Found This Week

I was able to hit up a few shops this week with Emmitt and my Mother-in-law and even though we didn't find a ton, we had. blast looking! Here's a look at some of my thrifted and vintage finds from the week.

Storage for Emmitt's Room

This little cabinet is the perfect project piece! A little sanding and a little paint and it'll be ready to go. I'm thinking yellow for the color and it'll be used to hide away clothes or toys in Emmitt's room.


I always keep an eye out for vintage silverware and these were some pretty finds.

More E's

Will the E wall ever be finished? I'm not sure. I was happy to find these tiny guys that I can probably squeeze in somewhere. Emmitt found the blue!

Metal Swan

I showed off this swan in my stories and it got a ton of love! She's gorgeous as is, but I think she'll fit better with my decor if I make her gold with a little Rub n Buff

Anthro Pants

I am super hesitant to buy pants if I can't try them on, but I spotted these pants in passing at Goodwill, saw they were Anthropologie and my size and decided to give them a chance. They fit great and I LOVE them! I'll show them off in a thrift try-on soon!

Beaded Dress